Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mardi Gras

So, I walk into work today, and I'm handed a Mardi Gras mask and told to wear it. After all, this year St. Louis is the home of the largest Mardi Gras party. And hey, what's work for if not to have fun? Don't we look cute? (And yes, I wore my mask all day. The other two were not as adventurous as I was.)

But, Mardi Gras, for Catholics (and frankly, it's our damn holiday! We just let you come party with us because you're funny when you're drunk.), it's the beginning of Lent, the season of atonement. Which brings about the hardest question Catholics ever have to answer: What are you going to give up?

For the next 40 days and 40 nights until Easter, what am I going to do without?

Things I’m not giving up:

Swearing (It’s too important to my everyday existence)
Meat (I’ve already given that up on a more permenant basis)
Caffeine (It’s one of the only painkillers I’m not allergic to)
Chocolate (I'm not that masochistic)

When I asked my team at work (two of which are the people on the left in the picture above) what I should do for lent, they all unanimously said, "FILE!" (one of my jobs at work. Which I haven't done for 6 months), but we all know that that's not going to happen. So let's stop deluding ourselves.

But. I think I'm going to give up shopping.

Stop laughing. It's not nice.

But I've been doing a lot of shopping lately. I just bought two pairs of Antik Denim jeans on ebay. I'm obsessed. (Yes, you can see the jeans. No, they haven't come yet, but I got this plain pair, and this fabulous flowered pair. And I got them for MUCH less than their $300 retail... ) And, besides the jeans, well, you've seen my shoe glut of late.

Besides, if I take 40 days off, I'll have more focused, intelligent shopping when I'm done, right?


jane said...

Filing was always my least favorite task at work too.
Well, I think all those drunks may want to consider giving up alcohol. But I think for you, shopping will be good. BUT...in keeping with the spirit of your blog, I think you should KEEP shoe shopping because, quite frankly, what else would you write about??
How about giving up cussing at people? Just not shoe shopping, k?

ps....I hope you have a post after the Oscars. That's what hooked me on your blog the very first time. (not the oscars but some other award show you posted about)

HelpMeBubba said...

Ohhh! Good luck on the no shopping. I wouldn't last more than a week!

goirishkj said...

Good luck with shopping...I've given up swearing the past two years (with mixed results--I would do OK for a day or two then the f-bomb would just drop out of nowhere) This year I'm going to give up talking badly about people. Eeeeeek! It is trying that counts, that is what I tell myself...

Jane (the former roommate one) said...

Hmmmmm...coming from the girl who religiously (in keeping with lent)scoured the South Bend T.J. Maxx for new hidden treasures...I fail to see you avoiding shopping altogether (and yes, online shopping counts) for 40 days. =)

Kidding - good luck!

Pete said...

One year in college, I flat out just gave up for Lent. This was reflected in my GPA.

Another year, I gave up Catholicism for Lent, and it's been substantially more than 40 days, but I haven't picked it back up yet.

Kat said...

I should start buying my jeans on eBay, instead of blowing all my money at Saks. You are a genius.

I was going to give up alcohol for Lent, but I have to go to this ball on Saturday and I will want to drink wine... we'll see.

e-liz said...

I have complete faith that you can give up shopping.

TheIdleReceptionist said...

Good luck, brave squire!! I want that first pair of jeans!!

Lena said...

You're a braver woman than I Marcia! First props on the great deal on Ebay - I absolutely love Antik Denim. And I must start looking for deals rather than just lusting!

I anticipate we'll be seeing alot more of you in the next 40 days! ;)

BTW, you're so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Marcia - You need to be rewarded for giving up shopping for Lent.

So, since I didn't give up shopping, something fun will be sent to you from Coach when available for shipment. See? Rewards come to those who give up shopping for Lent!

And, if that bum of a husband of yours doesn't like your mac and cheese, he can cook for himself!

President, Marcia Fan Club, Toledo Branch

Virenda said...

I agree after going on a spree of sorts it's best to take a rest and than start all over again. I did the same thing when over a two week period I eayed about 3 pairs of shoes and than bought 2 more. I have issues that I'm trying to work out, DON'T JUDGE ME!

I LOVE the plain pair of jeans. Can I have that girls ass too? Or is it not for sale?

I just let out a sigh of envy. I'm not going to be able to look at you for a while. (I'm NOT allowed to shop, I have to save now.but I want those jeans..)

Oh which reminds me...???

(Whatcha gonna do with all that ass, all that ass inside them jeans???

I'm gonna make you scream. Make you scream, make you scream...)

I ALWAYS get that song stuck in my head. Anyone says humps, bumps, jeans, shirt,ass, etc... it reminds me of that song. ~sigh~

Pookie said...

You are a brave, brave woman.

Tabitha Dial said...

I really love your blog. It's helped me develop my own!

I took pictures of Chili Blanco when I was making it on Saturday and I didn't feel silly at all-- because of you pioneering the art of blogging (for me, anyway!).

So thanks for that.

And I love this post-- a great example of the fun you can have with blogs. Good luck with lent. Those jeans are pretty cute.

e-liz said...

I totally forgot to stay how much I love the picture. You 3 are superheros.

Anonymous said...

Marcia it is your cousin Jules who is not cool enough to have a Blooger account...but I love you mostly because that is what I am giving up!! It is going to be really hard...

ps love the pic

Anonymous said...

Chocolate and talking smack. KJB and I will be the non-snarky ones during the season.

Which means that Easter day, I will make a post about someone's fat ass and what a trifling ho she is.

Love the jeans.

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