Wednesday, November 30, 2005

And the winner of the lipgloss is...

I hate to say this, but the name of my almost adopted llama should have been Ogden, not Shel. And my brother was the one to spot this, figuring out that my strange twisted mind had changed an Ogden Nash poem to a Shel Silverstein poem. Because, I guess, in my mind, Ogden Nash's little poems are about drinking while Uncle Shel's poems are about unicorns, men with many hats, and llamas. But I was very wrong about the llamas.

It's obvious that the person who figured out how my mind had managed to mangle that one was someone who'd had some time (24 years) to study my brain. Because, really, it takes that long. As my brother says, 2 lawyers for parents, 13 years of Catholic school, I've got some pretty interesting brainwaves.

I wonder what flavor of lipgloss I should send my brother.


librarian pirate said...

Michael is good at figuring things out. That's why we love him!

sage said...

both parents lawyers... do they aruge all the time? 13 years of Catholic school... I'm speechless, how are your knuckles? But I bet the education was superior to public school.

Michael said...

I kind of thought that was the case. This leads to the lesson always google before you post, or name a llama.

Actually what I say is that most of the scaring in my life can be attributed to one of three things:

Both my parents are lawyers. (Dad did tax law and Mom was a DA)
I attended 13 years of Catholic school (K-8 and College)
AND I have 3 sisters (all younger)

If I am ever arrested that will be my defense.

As for what kind of lip-gloss I suggest you pick your favorite kind and KEEP IT! What would I do with lip-gloss?

Marcia said...

Sage - no, my family didn't argue. We were just Very Logical. All the time.

Michael - you would use the lipgloss, and you would be better for it. I'll find you a manly lipgloss.

JH said...

Send him a manly shade of pink. Another color selected by Pink Shoe just wouldn't be right. I'm sure Michael can handle pink lipgloss. He survived life with 3 sisters, after all.

Pookie said...

You can always go with DCT - a little shine plus it gives your lips that great tingly feeling! I had 12 years of Catholic school - as did Kat so I totally feel your pain on that one!

Fox said...

WOW that must of been though with two parents as lawers and then catholic school on top of that!! I'm really getting turned off by religion, cant stand it at the moment!!

Michael said...

The true motivation for Pink Shoe here is that she knows if she gives me a sufficiently girly lip-gloss, which given the whole lip-gloss thing is almost certain. I will give it to the first Sister I see and say something like "Do you use this stuff?"

Speaking of which, the company Christmas Stockings came yesterday. Burt's Bees Lip Balm? At a computer company? What were they thinking?

Kat said...

I love Ogden Nash!!!

I never saw a purple cow,
I never hope to see one,
But I can tell you anyhow
I'd rather see than be one.

Janet said...

Chocolate, of course :-) Or Gingerbread! Or Cinnamon!

Hi, Michele sent me!