Saturday, December 10, 2005

Doing a little bit of Christmas a little bit early

Alright, people knew that I liked pink, and shoes, before the blog. It's kind of obvious. I can't help myself. I see some cute pink article of clothing... there's no way to resist. Some day I'll tell you about my collection of pink Notre Dame t-shirts. I bet you didn't even know those existed. But they do. And I have many of them.

But, back to the topic at hand... Now people REALLY know about what my friend today refered to as my psychoses involving pink and shoes. And, as I'm going to be out of town for Christmas, we're getting gifts from friends and family... well... now. And I'm getting showered with pink- and shoe- themed gifts. And Paris travel books. And Eiffel Towers. I now have 2, this morning I had none. And I LOVE them. Notice the pink ribbon around the little one.

My fab new Aunt Liz sent a package filled with pink wrapped packages. What more could I want in life?

I love seeing how my in-laws have taken my idiosyncrasies and embraced them. Check out the envelope:

It's a thing of beauty. It's PINK SHOES. Next to my NAME. Ok, I think you get it. But just so you know... it's fab. Which is apparently my word of the day.

And someone, who shall remain nameless, sent me a shoe bra. And no, I won't be modeling it. I'm just posting the picture for your enjoyment, because... some crazy person out there said, "Hey, for our new best selling bra, let's make it aqua, with purple shoes on it!" And then they DID.


anne said...

cutest bra ever.

Kat said...

I wonder if you could get a stationery store to make you notecards like that envelope--so cute!

Liz said...

My attitude and I love the fact that your in-laws are embracing your pink and shoe fetishes!

WendyWings said...

I love the bra, my daughter the shoe freak needs one !