Monday, January 23, 2006

A Conversation With My Sister:

Marcia: The Husband got me flowers today!

Elizabeth: Nice! Can you get my boyfriend to do that, too?

Marcia: Well, do you have a camera phone? Because I could send you a picture of the flowers and you could show it to him.

Elizabeth: And we could schedule it so that I'm with him when I get the picture, like, "I wonder what my sister's sending me? Oh wow, look at those nice flowers! From her husband! Isn't that nice of him?"

Marcia: Yeah! That's even better than what I was thinking. When should I send it?

Elizabeth: But I don't have a camera phone.

Marcia: Well fuck.


librarian pirate said...

beautiful flowers!

Kelly said...

Seriously... How often does your hb get you flowers??

That convo was hilarious!

John said...

Good show, Senior Bunda, good show.

TheIdleReceptionist said... boyfriend has gotten me flowers TWICE in the year and a half (thursday!) we've been together.

Can you send that picture to all of our phones?

Liz said...

I want a boyfriend... I don't even care if he doesn't give me flowers... though flowers are a nice touch.

(Very pretty Marcia!)

Ellen K. said...

I would be green with envy at the beautiful iris bouquet. But I'm at home in my pjs, and you are in THAT building, and so I'm still content with my lot. ; )

But congrats on the flowers, and tell M. that he's doing a good job.

e-liz said...

Yeah for the husband! Those are beautiful.

goirishkj said...

Great flowers!!!!

Oh, and today must be pink shoe day here on campus...while walking to the gym this morning I saw several cute pairs and thought of you. One pair was bright pink and had little bows. The only drawback was the fact that the shoes belonged to a sorostitute, but even so, the shoes stood on their own.

Happy Tuesday!


Ryan said...

I don't understand this flower business. They just sit there. Wouldn't you rather get something you can use like a 10 pack of socks or some peanut butter?

muse-in-training said...

Peanut butter? Um...

jane said...

haha too cute. Well okay, so first the boyfriend needs to help her get a camera phone and then you send the pictures of the flower. But that means hubby needs to resend you flowers when she gets her camera phone. Think he's game?
Tarzan thinks flowers are a waste, but I've got him trained up to a point. What he'll do is give me his credit card & let me pick the flowers I want & send them to me, but from him. It works for us. :)

Marcia said...

Librarian Pirate - you should see them now that they're more opened up...

Kelly - Twice since the new year. But only 6 times since we moved to St. Louis 3 years ago. For some reason, he's being sweet. I think it's because he knows I'm working too hard.

Idle - seriously, if you want me to send a picture to your phone at a convenient time, just email me. :)

Liz - boys are gross. Run away!

Ellen - I am so jealous of your freelancing!

Goirishkj - awww! thanks!

Ryan - that's the point of flowers. They're spending useless money on you for no reason other than they love you. And I don't wear socks. I should write about that some time.... But... I do love me some peanut butter...

jane - good plan, and good work with Tarzan! I like that plan!