Sunday, January 08, 2006

Meme? Me?

Alright, so I've never done a meme, and I've told myself that I never would do one, but then CrazieQueen tagged me, and I really like her, and, well, it's not a bad meme, so I'm going to do it - but don't expect me to get into the habit of it!

The Four Things Meme: (And there were more things that "they" wanted info about, but I trimmed it down. It was getting to be a little much!)

Four Jobs I've Had:

"Shaker" at the Shake, Rattle, and Roll Diner in Clifton when I was 18. It was a '60's diner, and I made the desserts - the shakes, the banana splits, everything. I got damn good with my whip cream designs.

Customer Service Rep at a large bank in Ladue. Just after I moved to St. Louis I did this - I had a college degree and was way underutilized. And very frustrated. I cried when I quit, I was so happy.

Campaign work - For the Dems in Western Colorado in 2004. Sometimes I think it was the hardest I've ever worked. We were at the office around 6 am, and we often didn't get home until 2 am. And most of the races I worked on (except the big one) were successful!

Editorial Assistant at a medical and scientific textbook company. I work on dental, dental hygiene, and dental assiting texts. And let me tell you, teeth are GROSS.

Four Places I've Lived:

Grand Junction, CO

Farley Hall, Notre Dame

Castle Point, South Bend

St. Louis, MO

Four TV Shows I Love:



The Simpsons

Iron Chef

Four Places I've Been on Vacation:

Paris (Honeymoon!)


Many, many small towns in Colorado - my favorites are Ouray and Durango.

And California, Arizona, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, West Virginia, Florida... I think those are most of the ones I've been to "on vacation."

Four of My Favorite Foods:

Guacamole (my special recipe)

Pesto Pizza with pine nuts, onions, peppers, garlic, and lots of cheese

Sushi (I could eat it all day, every day, and not be tired of it.)

Any sort of dessert that's cream-y and vanilla-y (creme brulee, lots of sweet cream ice creams, etc)

Four Bloggers You Are Tagging:

None, because I don't want to obligate anyone! But if you WANT to do it, go ahead!


mar said...

Michele sent me to ask you to share your special guacamole recipe with us :D

Courtney said...

I love sushi as well. There's a fantastic place about 30 minutes from us that is quite a treat (expensive) and a good place the next town over. We're lucky.
Michele sent me.

Last Girl On Earth said...

We could definately hang out! I could eat sushi all day, too! And top it off with Creme Brulee! YUMMMMMM-EEEE!

Michele sent me today. Have a great weekend!

craziequeen said...

oh lovey! That lets you off Palace memes for the rest of the year!

Lovely lists :-) and how did I know Paris would top the vacation one??


MSM - this time.....

v said...

My apologies if this is off topic but I just saw you're reading On Beauty by Zadie Smith.

Did you read White Teeth?

Maybe you can post about this. Or I'll do a book post on my blog and you can leave a Zadie Smith related comment.

Okay. Good plan chief.

Trinity13 said...

I just did this meme! And I too love watching Iron Chef! I catch it on the Food Netwark late at night and I can't help but watch it.

Btw, Michele sent me!

Kelly said...

Guess what Marcia???
I used to live in Farmington, NM (right outside of Durango). Hated Farmington, LOVE Durango!

Liz said...

Well hell... why isn't michelle sending anyone to me?

sage said...

Welcome back from your honeymoon trip to Paris. I love the western slope of Colorado (can someone please tell me why am I living in the upper midwest again?)

Marcia said...

Mar - It's a secret. If I told people, they wouldn't invite me to parties anymore because they could make it themselves.

Court - come to STL, and I'll take you to a cheap, awesome place here in the CWE.

Last girl - ANYTIME.

CQ - thanks! But I liked doing this one... but I don't want to get in the habit. And the Paris vaca was just about perfect.

TG8 - I love On Beauty, and I did read White Teeth. I'm kind of in the middle of about 3 books right now, and I used to do posts with reviews of the books when I was done, but I don't think people really liked them. Should I get back into that?

Trinity - It's bad. I can't turn on the food network at all, or 5 hours of my life get sucked away.

Kelly - wow. We so could have met so many times! Farmington is loser, but I love durango, too.

Liz - I just know how to play her special game! :)

sage - and why am I in MO after living on the western slope all my life?

HelpMeBubba said...

Kelly should have told you she was a dental assistant in her other life before children. She is absolutely obsessed w/ people's teeth. Its kinda funny. She would probably love your job!

TheIdleReceptionist said...

Ooooohhh....creme broulee!

Kiki said...

Ok, I'm a big dork. You already know this. But what is tagging, meme, and who is Michelle?

Loved the list. I must try your guac sometime. I adore guac!

I hope you had a nice time on your honeymoon. The pics and stories were fantastic.

v said...

screw the people! bring back the book review posts!

I'll have one on my blog about Life of Pi by Yann Martel (which I recently finished and thoroughly enjoyed).

Just watch. Book review blog posts will be all the rage.

HelpMeBubba said...

I think you should bring back the book review posts too! That was why I initially started reading you and then well, I fell in love and now I'm addicted.

The Sad Bostonian said...

So, Cia, what exactly do you call your trip out to Boston with your husband 2 yrs back? I gave you two MY room, which was the only air conditioned room in the appartment, while I slept on the couch with the mice. But is Massachusettes on your list? Of course not.