Saturday, February 18, 2006

Marital Bliss:

The scene: My husband and I are both sitting in the living room, using our laptops, and chatting. He starts making weird noises. Like, raspberries and that sound like a missle's coming towards you.

Me: Ha. You're funny.
Him: (fart noise)
Me: Honey, no more weird noises.
Him: (begins to hold breath loudly, and with many handmotions)
Me: What are you doing?
Him: (continues to hold breath)
Me: You're so weird.
Him: (continues to hold breath, and begins typing on his laptop)

An instant message pops up on my computer from him: It's a protest against you.

I burst out laughing, and we're friends again.


Zee said...


such a good laugh... :)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA . . . that's awesome.

You know what's also funny? I have NO idea who you married. I feel like I should have heard this at some point.

Liz said...

I love that you IM each other even though you are in the same room... That's hot!

(I used to do that shit with my college roommates!)

otilius said...

wow, IM in SurroundSmell...

Kat said...

Hahahahahaha. How does Lynn not know who you married? You dated him like the entire time we knew you at ND.

Virenda said...

LOL, that is soo cute. :0)

Oh and girl you have no idea my love for shoes. Just the picture of your closet has me salivating and interested in your blog.

I don't have one of those shoe/wine racks yet, but I'm wanting one NOW! LOL, I just bought a new pair and I'm in love, it deserves a pretty place to live.

Look forward to reading past posts.

(oh and I love the purses on top, your a girl after my own shoe loving heart. sigh)

goirishkj said...

Hehehe, boys are so gross sometimes with their noises! And about the shoe/purse picture above...I match my green sweater tonight. (Though I thought of you this weekend when I bought a pair of cute flats on sale for 20 bucks! It was fun, especially since with my big feet I don't often get to buy cute shoes on sale!)

Jen said...

You guys are hilarious.


TheIdleReceptionist said...

Awwww!! How cute.