Friday, February 10, 2006

OK, Ohio Might Not Be That Boring

I'm at my in-law's today. The big trip over to my home-for-one-year is tomorrow, and I know it's going to be fine, even though I complain.

Besides hang out with the fabulous dogs (a dalmation and a beagle, pictures when I get home) my husband and I stopped by the Toledo Museum of Art this afternoon. Not only is it one of the top ten art museums in the country (filled with amazingly famous paintings that you see and say, "Really? This is in Toledo? Ohio?? I thought it would be in New York, or Europe, or California, not.... Ohio."), but right now there's a beautiful exhibition on Louis Comfort Tiffany that seriously blew my mind. If you're anywhere in the vicinity, GO! Seriously. There's no way that any picture book can show you how awesome his stained glass panels and lamps are. There are no words. Go now. (And the museum itself is free. The exhibition is about $5, but on Fridays, students are free. I knew there was a reason I keep my college ID in my wallet still...)

And yes, I'll tell you the big story about why I'm in Akron for One Year when I get home. And Pookie, in 18 months I'm headed to Manhattan, and we can be BOTS together. Or at least go out for drinks.

And, for your entertainment, while I'm gone:

Seriously, my friend making the movie, visit him, the stuff is so interesting! He's talking about the process of color correcting and transfering his film, and there's all sorts of pictures. And Brian, if SWERVE wins any awards, or goes to any festivals, I want an invite.

And check this girl out. All of her entries are hysterical. Especially this one, read the conversation between the donkey and the elephant. I laughed so hard I spit. And check out this one, too.

Oh, and I sat down on the plane wearing my new pink shoes (with a black skirt and top... Court may be right, I might be Stevie Nicks and no, not that same skirt and top. Completely different. I own a lot of black.), and the middle aged man sitting next to me says, "For a second I thought that you had tissue stuffed between your toes, and I wanted nothing to do with you, but now I see it's a flower, and that's ok." It made me laugh.


v said...

wow. what a judgemental old man. so what if it was tissue. lol. not that I stuff tissue ... oh forget it.

I hope you guys have fun in Ohio!

Have a great trip!

muse-in-training said...

I absolutely adore old men. And Akron isn't too far away from me, relatively speaking. Maybe we should have drinks some weekend.

brian said...

don't worry, marcia, you'll definitely be towards the top of the invitee list... if for no other reason than you showed that at least SOMEBODY was interested in all my blogging ;) oh and the 'hot' compliments don't hurt, either. flattery will get you everywhere with me, my dear. thanks for the support and for the link! have fun in ohio and say hi to matt for me.


She who Haikus said...

Thanks for the nod, if only I could have shoes as cool as yours. I am NOTORIOUS for my terrible shoe fashion.