Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Winter Wonderland

I know I've complained about this before, but people in this town SUCK at driving in any sort of weather.

This morning was the first snow of 2006 in St. Louis. Not much, it just made the trees look pretty. It didn't even stick. But as soon as I saw the snow outside, I knew I had to leave for work early. I gave myself 40 minutes to drive the usual 25 minute route.

And it took 50.

Frankly, I wanted to ram every car on the road going 10 mph (especially those with big W stickers on them). Which was most of them - well, some of the dare devils were going 15. And... visibility was NOT impaired, there was no snow on the road, there was no ice, the road was just wet.

But the best surprise waited for me at work - why do people feel the need to wear their lovely 80s snowflake themed sweaters on days that it snows? Seriously, in the workplace, are we supposed to think that it's cute? Are we supposed to believe that it was just up in the rotation? I would have more sympathy for the sweater if it was worn on a non-snow day. But I'd have the most sympathy for the sweater if it was given to those starving children in Africa.


HelpMeBubba said...

Don't want to rub it in but it was 70 degrees here in lovely CA! Wish you were here!!

nouseratthissite said...

How about those that wear the Christmas sweaters with the goofy reindeers and christmas trees on them. I can't stand those sweaters....

goirishkj said...

Welcome to Missouri.

Do people at your work wear flag-themed clothing around the fourth of July? Or is that a mid-Mo thing? Redneck wear complements the femmullets oh so nicely.

The only people who are allowed to wear holiday/snowflake sweaters are kindergarten teachers. And that's only if I'm feeling generous.

jane said...

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blog Portland said...

I know just how you feel. Living in Oregon, you'd think people would be used to the rain by now. Hell no; as soon as we get more than a drizzle the freeways grind to a halt.

As for the sweaters, I thought people only wore those in Aspen. If it keeps up, be sure to get us a picture!

TheIdleReceptionist said...

Oh...don't get me started about:

a)Marginally poor weather drivers

b)Topographically raised snowmen knitted on to chunky, primary colored sweaters and Xmas light earrings. That light up.

e-liz said...

There are the three groups of snow drivers:
those that drive way too slow
those that drive way too fast
those that drive just right

Jen said...

I feel bad for you. It is 80 in Cali. keep your head up and try to watch out for all those crazy drivers!

Kat in da Hat said...

What are W stickers for?

I'm jealous of your snow. I want a crazy snow storm. We almost NEVER get snow that sticks...too much activity on the streets and sidewalks for it to really build up.

Elizabeth said...

Just keep thinking... you'll be in Manhattan in 18 months, you won't have to drive at all the whole time you live here.