Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Spring!

In St. Louis, we're celebrating the advent of the season with a winter weather advisory and a predicted 2-4 inches of snow.



v said...

We had crazy weather today in Nor Cal. Rainy then Sunny for 5 min followed by some thunderstorms.

Still it wasn't 4 inches of snow.

Umm, what kind of shoes are you going to wear tomorrow?

I'm not gay! Hah.

goirishkj said...

Good luck with the bad drivers tomorrow. Blech. Stupid Missouri! (Though this morning I wanted to transport all my co-workers to South Bend. They were talking about how "only in Missouri" would it snow on the first day of spring. I distinctly remember snow in mid-April senior year of college!)

Kevin said...

OMG That was the most depressing thing ever. I have been looking forward to spring for the longest--I HATE winter, HATE being cold! And then it snows on the first day of spring? That was the biggest bitch slap in the face ever, except for the time that night when I was walking to the bus stop and a leaf managed to do so (yay for high winds and snow).

goirishkj said...

Did you guys end up getting snow in STL? It didn't even cover the ground all the way and I think it has all melted away by now. Definitely not the predicted 6 inches :)

e-liz said...

It did snow. We got about 3 inches? Maybe 2? Enough for me to curse it as I cleaned off my car this morning.