Saturday, March 25, 2006

Matt's friends (my new friends) + V for Vendetta + theatre with leather couches and a bar = fun.


anne said...

Sounds excellent!! Loved the movie! But it would be amazing w/ leather couches & a bar! !

I was hoping for a picture of this amazing time!

Marcia said...

Unfortunately, Anne, I posted on my way out the door, and I didn't bring my camera. But the movie was awesome - Natalie Portman is such a good actress! And the leather couches and red wine made it awesome.

Virenda said...


I want to see that movie so badly. I can't wait to spend some free alone time with my hubby.

Hope you had an awesome time!

rob said...

V kicked nine kinds of ass.

Freakin' Alan Moore book that is done justice on celluloid.

Leather couches red wine make just about anything awesome. I'd posit that it would make getting a ninja star to the back of head awesome.

"Dude...did you know you've got a ninja star coming out the back of your skull?"

"Really? Sweet! Pass the montelpuc."

Zee said...

OOh.. yeah fun!

librarian pirate said...

LOVED that movie!