Monday, April 10, 2006

Best of the Week:

Yes, I had a great post planned for last week, but then the power went out and it didn't happen. But since all those links I had were for last week, I had to discard them. And I didn't really plan anything for this one. But hey. Congratulate me. 3 out of the past 4 weeks, I've managed to keep this whole "Best of the Week" thing going.

1) Lola Banana came to see me tonight (with Jennifer, of course! 4 month olds don't go roaming about the city by themselves!!). She came over to watch Big Love (because there no drama like a polygamy drama) and then we went to Ben and Jerry's. Which had just closed, but they let us in anyway because we had the cutest dog in the world with us.

2) I was going to say this last week, but kids. Seriously. If you need a Blogger or Typepad blog design, NelloDesign is the way to go. She's seriously creative (you know how some designers blogs all look alike? Nello's don't. And if you want something almost completely different than she's done, she can totally do it for you - and would be excited about the chance!).

And speaking of designs (This would be point 2b of the post, but actually labeling it that would be dorky, so I'm doing it in parenthesis. Which is much less dorky.), I've again messed around with the template. You should notice new sidebar headers and a new blog header. If anything's amiss about them, please tell me! I'd rather go back to it being boring than have it look weird in some browsers. And yes, Nello totally inspired me to do this.

3) Sometimes, when I'm surfing randomly around the blogosphere, I totally feel like this poster. Which I find genius. And NO. I don't mean it as an afront to you. Not you.

And I have to go to bed now. And please try and remind me to get gas in the morning before work. Because you KNOW I'm going to forget until just when I run to the car almost late. And if that happens, I'm going to have to go to the ghetto gas station. And no one wants that.


Liz said...

Mar Mar, Get gas... and I don't mean at the ghetto gas station.

As for the sidebar titles and the header, I am a little troubled by the "in the closet" title... largely because of the R. Kelly connotation, and association with closeted homosexuals everywhere... And the header is lovely and all, but I was expecting pink shoes and accessories galore... We're going to have to discuss this.

JH said...

The "In the Closet" title troubled me as well and for the same reason. Perhaps "In Storage" would be a better fit for Pink Shoe. And yes, bring back the pink shoes and accessories. I miss them.

TheIdleReceptionist said...

P.S. Fab new Template, my only suggestion would be to bold your title so everyone can see that it's da PINK SHIZZOE!

v said...

I think you should have a picture of Jessica Alba in your header.

Yes, I am helpful.

Hah, seriously, looks very chic. And I totally got the "In The Closet" title and I'm a hetero dude. Are gay guys all you women ever think about!!?!?!?!?!?

Kelly said...

Awww... Thanks for the plug! You know I need all the advertising I can get at this point! AND. I think it is sooo awesome that you got into Ben and Jerry's after hours. I have never been able to pull this one off. Lucky.