Thursday, June 22, 2006

Entrez-vous Stress.

I've just made a resolution to apply for fifteen jobs this weekend in the Cleveland-Akron area. Because I'm moving there in a MONTH and I have NO FRIENDS and NOTHING TO DO. These are things that stress me out.

Other things include:

Getting everything at work situated so that none of the balls that I have in the air fall when I leave. Because I love the people that I work with and I don't want to screw them. Did I mention I've been at work for an extra hour both today and yesterday? It's going crazy. (On a side note: Korea? Why did you feel the need to send me boxes of translations of 8 of my books? I had enough to do without sending out all of them to their respective authors. Why couldn't you wait a month so that my successor would do it and I wouldn't have to deal with them?)

MOVING, and everything that it entails. Matt's taking a carload of things that we're not going to take to Akron up to his parent's this weekend. But that's not very much stuff - I still worry that I have enough stuff for a 3-bedroom apartment, and I'm moving into a 1-bedroom apartment. Back, just before the wedding, I was trying to fill the house with furniture, and I bought a big brown leather bench (the one that all my shoes are posed on in the banner) for my foyer. It was the first piece of grown-up furniture that I'd bought all on my own, and I agonized over it. I loved it, but what if my new husband wouldn't? But I bought it. It's been perfect in the foyer, everyone comments on it. So, what am I going to do with the bench in Akron? I have no foyer there. (Can I say foyer another few times? There's more foyer in this blog post than I believe has ever been posted on the internet before.)

Well, I guess that's it. Moving, quitting, and general "what my life will be like in Akron" stress. It's not all that much. But I've managed to stretch this out into a decent sized blog post. But seriously. What if the entire population of Akron hates me? What will I do for a year? Blog 3 times a day while getting fat and crying?

Ok, I was joking about the "blogging 3 times a day". I don't think I've EVER done that.


Liz said...

I said it before, I will say it again, YOU ARE GOING TO BE FINE.

You will hate the evenings because there isn't SHIT to do in Akron... When in doubt, learn a new skill... I hear knitting can be quite time consuming.

blog Portland said...

Akron will never know what hit it.

Logan said...

Ahem. Don't be a pussy.


Much love, kiddo -- you'll be fine. As long as you have your dude and your stuff, you'll be able to entertain yourself from the get-go. From there, it's steady cruising.

We're rooting for ya. Ra, ra!

bryan said...

Yeah, what Logan said. Just pretend you're back at ND and you're a freshman new to "campus". Except you're married... and no parietals! ;)

Everything should fall into place from there. Explore!

bobealia said...

Not to be a downer, but I just moved and I'm still looking for a job - moving is really, really, really hard. You know the top causes for depression are moving, death in the family, devorce... Also, looking for a job is really hard. It plays with all my insecurities anyway. As someone commented on my blog recently, when you are spent emotionally and financially, you will figure out what to do... It somehow made me feel better. You will be fine, that is true (and I'll be fine too), but in the meantime, LIFE SUCKS!! I just hope that unlike my experience, everything goes smoothly for you... that will make it easier. You will find a place for your bench (bottom of the bed?).

Kiki said...

well if you're in the Cleveland area, maybe I could visit you at least once. It's far from Lansing, but I understand how bad it sucks not knowing anyone. And if you're feeling really adventurous, you could always drive up to Detroit and such. And if you're extra extra bored you could come to lansing and visit my house. Because there's really nothing exciting in lansing except The Dungeon (and The Dungeon really isn't all that exciting)!

Good luck to you in everything!

Anonymous said...

Ha! You're going through your quarterlife crisis too! Except yours includes Husband. And has no place for a pickup truck.

Although you might need one in Akron to fit in ;-)

Good luck, sweetie, you'll be great :-)

Spill The Beans said...

Some cool things to do in Cleveland...

Go to Little Italy one morning, to one of the little bakeries. Grab a pastry, a cappucino, and sit outside at one of the little shaded tables. Watch the little old men hose off the sidewalks and get ready for the day.

Cruise through Forest Park Cemetary in Cleveland Heights one day. It's an amazing outdoor sculpture gallery.

Head over to Cleveland Heights and walk down Mayfield Road in the cute little shopping district. Get a milkshake at Tommy's (the best milkshakes, EVER).

Cleveland is a great city. I've never lived there, but I love traveling there for work.

Good luck with your move. It will be a real adventure. I've never been to Akron, but cleveland is great (oh, and the river hasn't been on fire for years and years. ;)

doggerelblogger said...

You can say "foyer" as much as you like, as long as you say it right: foh'yay, not foh'YER.

But you knew that. Because you know French. A lot.

Heather said...

And what's wrong with blogging three times a day while crying and getting fat??!! It sounds like my life since I moved down here!

Ok, that's not entirely true. I haven't cried in a couple weeks and I haven't gained any weight. I haven't lost any either, but we can't ask for too much, can we?

Feel free to email or call anytime if you get depressed or anxious over your move. If anyone in this world understands, it's me. I didn't know anyone in all of StL when I first moved there--and I cried all the time. And now, down here in Florida, I'm slowly making friends, but until that started happening, I only knew my

You'll be fine, though. Akron will love you. Really, who doesn't love Marcia?!

TheIdleReceptionist said...

I feel you on the moving stress...

Meet you on the other side with ample supplies of Ben n Jerry's. N-kay?