Saturday, June 10, 2006

Everything Going On In My Life In 4 Quick Events:

Event 1: I did laundry today. That, in and of itself, should be enough for all of you to stand up and cheer for me because I do not do domestic well. I take that back: I do the part of "domestic" that creates messes extremely well, the cooking, the craft projects, etc. It's the cleaning up part of domestic that I do poorly.

Event 2: Last night Matt and I went to see A Prarie Home Companion, and I was surprised to remember how good of an actress Lindsay Lohan is - her presence in the celebrity gossip blogs I read is so big that sometimes I forget that she also acts. The cast was awesome, the movie was good. It was funny to hear Minnesota accents coming out of the mouths of Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin. Kevin Kline is really good as Guy Noir. And, since I'm linking everything in this paragraph, whenever I think of Meryl and Lindsay lately, I think of this post in Go Fug Yourself.

Event 3: I've been working on my column for Fetch. It's going to be called "Faking It: How To Be Fabulous At Everything" and it's going to be kind of like Martha Stewart, but with less bitchiness and no gardening. And I'm a brunette, and I'm not mean. Also, I'm not a felon. But other than that, it's going to be just like Martha Stewart.

Event 4: Tonight is Summer Idol, and American Idol style competition/party that one of my friends is hosting with her large garage and karaoke machine. There will also be beer and BBQ. Matt's one of the contestants, I, however, will not be scaring small children tonight, I will only be taking about 300 photos and wearing long dangling earings - earings that I found in a purse I haven't used lately while searching for quarters to do Event #1 up there. Possibly I'll also show off my sternum, but I haven't decided that yet.


mjg said...

I cannot wait to see PHC. I am glad to hear L. Lo does not ruin the movie. She was great in Mean Girls so I knew she could do well with a good director.

Good luck with Idol and share some piccies of Liz with me!

bobealia said...

I remember I thought Linds could act in Freaky Friday, but that seems like a loooonnng time ago.
You know, I have never done karoake. I think it will ruin my secret belief that I'm really a rock star - because then I will know for sure that I can't sing.
Can't wait for the pics. Sounds like a great party!

Lena said...

Can I just say that I cannot WAIT to read you in Fetch???

Fabio has something to say said...

I stumbled across your blog on a search for "fabulous blogs" I know why you are considered fabulous! It looks like we have more in common than blogging!