Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I have a friend who says the word "friend" alot.

"Hello Friend." "I'll see you tonight, Friend."

It's very comforting. It lets me know I'm loved. It makes me want to start saying that to all my friends.

But then - I'd be copying cute Laura. And I love how she treats everyone as special, but I can't copy the way she does is. Even though I mean it, it would feel in my heart to be inauthentic. Because I would know how unoriginal it was. I would know that I was a copycat.

And then. If I think about Laura and how genuine and amazing she is for too long, I'll get sad. Because in 7 days, I'm moving away, and I don't know when I'll ever see her again.

I don't want to live in a place (if anyone mentions the word Akron, we're in a huge f'ing fight.) where I don't get texts that say, "Hi Friend. Let's go to lunch."


Airhead said...

It's quite possible that someone in A-town will do that. Or, frankly, you can take it and make "Friend" your thing there. No one will ever have to know that you borrowed the phrase.

Except, of course, everyone in Internetland.

Liz said...

Yeah, I agree with the airhead... The "Friend" thing made you feel good in STL, and I think if you take it to your new town, (which shall remain nameless,)and offer some kind of comfort to your new "friends" there.

bobealia said...

I have an auntie (one of my mom's best friends) who calls my mom "friend." I've done it with some really close friends. If you did it, it would feel natural eventually. My ex and I used to say "Listen, my friend" when we were about to tell each other "how it is."

blog Portland said...

Can I call you partner? Except it'll come out sounding like "Pahd-na."

JH said...

Listen, friend, this blog needs more photos. Instead of a happy hour and multiple going-away lunches, we should have bought you a new digital camera. This crazy text-only blog must end soon. It doesn't capture the colors and visuals of your life, friend.

Ashley said...

I am starting to think it is a Tucson thing, and not only that, a Salpointe thing, Cicely says it, I say it, and Ali says it...Huh...intresting!

Love ya!

Virenda said...

Ohh sweetie. Moving blues suck. I had to move A LOT as a child and it never gets easy. You have your husband and a good reason to take LONG weekends and spend them drinking with friends.

v said...

You are adorable!

I got it ...

you should get a job writing Hallmark Cards.

I'm serious!

Actually start up your own card company!

I hope moving doesnt get you too down. Also, you can think of it this way, you're getting closer and closer to moving to NYC.

Plus I'm sure the 'Kron is plenty hip and happenin' --- like me, an old dude that just used the phrase "hip and happenin'" ... without the "g" --- okay now I see why you're kinda down.

Jsto said...

Did she go to ECDC? Weren't they the cult that made everyone call each other friends?

Jen said...

You seem blue. You should cheer up. Something really fabulous could happen at that *place* you are moving. Or you can go and make the place more fabulous. Make the best of it honey!!