Thursday, August 17, 2006


I'm now living in Amish Country, so I'm sure that this is only the first of many such news stories I will see over the next year.

My favorite part? "The horse then flipped on top of the car."

And. We can all laugh about it because "The injuries did not appear to be life-threatening."

Except to the horse, of course.


Logan said...

But do your Amish speak Pennsylvania Dutch like mine do?


bryan said...

I liked the main headline on your news channel's page:

Republican Caught Working For Betty Sutton

*GASP* Scandalous!

Cat said...



Did you know it's the electricity that the Amish won't use, not the man-made, synthetic materials? Hence why rollar blades have become immensely popular in the Amish community. No electricity needed to power those things. Much more convenient for schleping 23 miles a day to help raise a barn.

True story.

Though this story really has nothing to do with your story. Except the Amish references.

e-liz said...

Did you see the story about the semi of puppies and the puppies perished? It was very sad but then they show the truck the puppies were in and there is a big "Jesus Saves" sticker on the side of the truck and of course my husband has to say, "He sure didn't save those puppies." And we laughed and laughed. Horrible, isn't it?

Lena said...

Obviously the horse was asking for it. And again...not a unicorn.

SarahReznor said...

wow... it's like heaven...

doggerelblogger said...

Interesting anecdote about the town name, "Shreve": we have close friends that are from Chatham, in Ontario, and the husband's last name is "Shreve". He's descended from people who escaped slavery. Wonder if there's a connection, either to a slaveowner or sometimes people would take a new name to signify their freedom, often the last name of people who had helped them get away.

Curious, if only because it's not a very common name at all. (I am a bit of a nerd, aren't I?)