Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yay! Project Runway Day!

I'm extremely excited because I've caught up on the 4 or so episodes I missed through the power outage and moving (I <3 TiVo. Or whatever Time Warner calls the little robot that records the little shows that I want to watch.). And tonight I get to watch an episode live.

I'm so hoping that either Vincent or Neck-Tattoo Man gets off today. Because they both annoy the CRAP out of me!! Especially after watching all the other episodes back to back.

Did you ever notice that Neck-Tattoo's neck looks really really WIDE? Do you think it looked like that wide before he got the insane-psycho-killer tattoos all over it?

Alright. Let's talk about it in the comments.

(Note - the comments MAY contain spoilers. So don't read them if you don't want to know!)

I'm off to watch!


Mr. Irish said...

Thanks very much for the kind comment. Best of luck with your blogs ... it's all very ... ummm ... Pink! And I'm sorry your arm got brused ... I feel sorry for women, always the victims of fashion. ;-)

Marcia said...

DUUUUUUUUUDE. She was one of my favorites!!! And I HATED Vincent.

I would buy clothes that she made. (Hell. I probably will. She'll get a line out.)

Logan said...

Oh, whatever. That bitch was delusional!

Q : How many Alisons does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A : Zero. Her unicorns do it for her while she slides down rainbows.

1. Everybody with two working brain cells realizes that Vincent is conked out his coconut and needs to be kicked off. Remember this? "I'm team leader." CHEESY/SMUG GRIN. Bastard should be shot just for being an arrogant prick.

2. And what's up with everybody getting all up in Angela's grill just 'cos she does the rosey thing? That shit worked for the challenge she won. Captain Save a Ho called it right when he said they should stop ganging up on her.

3. I want Uli to win in the end. Booya!

Logan said...

Oh, and

4. Jeffrey is bugging the shit out of me with his HUGE-ASS NECK TATTOO. If you can fit "Detroit" across your throat because your neck's as thick as your thigh, MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T LET EVERYBODY KNOW THIS. Jesus Christ.

5. Robert and Kayne need to start boinkin'.

6. I like Laura. Fuck all them bitches that say otherwise, but that ho does the huge-ass neckline like it ain't no thang. I love that bitch. I'd even get down and freaky with that bitch.

7. And on the topic of bitches -- is Kayne's sass getting on anybody else's nerves?

8. I miss Keith. And his hot jawline. :(

Logan said...

9. And I'd bend over in a heartbeat for Michael. Lord knows I lumme some dark chocolate.

Ellen K. said...

I would buy anything and everything designed by Michael. Love him.

I am sad that Alison is gone. I thought she was good and only really fucked up this one challenge, as opposed to, say, Vincent, who fucks up everything AND makes me nervous just watching his cocaine-addict-like tics.

Debbie said...

Is neck tattoo guy's neck way too long or is it just me?

Marcia said...

Logan - Laura does some serious sternum-baring, and I'm a huge fan of that.

Kelly said...

1. I am madly in love with Michael.

2. Allison annoyed me big time. Almost as much as Angela.

3. Vincent is going to go relatively far, because even though he can't design shit for shit, he's good TV. Kind of like how they kept New York on til the end of the Flavor of Love last year.

4. I'm picking Laura, Kane, and Michael for my top 3.

Katherine said...

OK, so I was really pissed Allison was out instead of Vincent. You know the only reason that kept Vincent was that he's TV ratings gold. He's obviously insane and they're just waiting for his psychotic break to happen on film so they can up their viewership. Granted, her yellow paper napkin sucked, but all of her other outfits have been really cute. No fair.

Katherine said...

P.S. I'm normally not a Robert fan but he was cracking me up with his one liners last night! Like telling Kayne that Laura was sewing for herself again because her dress looked like a straight jacket, mwahahaha. I'm really sick of Kayne's smirky face. I'm sure he's had cheek implants.

Kay said...

I also agree that it was unfair that Alison was kicked off. Particularly since the judges seemed harder on her for making an unflattering garment on a female... like she intentionally betrayed her gender and should be punished for it!

meno said...

Go here from The Cat's Me'Ass. Gonna chime in.
At this point PR is the only TV i watch.
Angela: where did those last two outfits come from? Did she steal the pattern books of the kicked off guy?
Laura: Normally i like her, but she really got her bitch on at the end of the last show. Not that Vincent's "dress" wasn't a travesty.
Jeffery: His head really does look like an olive perched on the end of a pencil. It's just too small for that neck.
Vincent: Looks like Austin Powers.

all done.

Lena said...


That's all.

markus said...

i miss alison!