Monday, August 14, 2006

Yes, This Blog Still Occassionally Posts Pictures:

I'm completely embarassed because my friend Brian, over at Over-Soul Observer, managed to post about the wedding we both attended the weekend of the 4th before I did. You can read his post and check out his pictures here. (And, yes, all of the non-grainy cell phone pictures taken at the wedding that I'm posting here were taken by his lovely girlfriend, Guest. And if you want to know why I call her that, you should read his post.)

So, two of my friends from college got married, and it's always so much fun when you know both parties in the wedding, because then the likelihood that you know most of the guests (And have drunk multiple kegs of Guinness with them. And have even dated one of them.) grows astronomically higher. The wedding was in a small town outside of St. Paul - actually in the church where 5 previous generations of the bride's family have gotten married.

There were lakes and trees and all sorts of gorgeous nature to see, but the men were really captivated by this sign:


(It says "Kathe Wohlfahrt." Basically a really bad fart joke.)

I, however, was pleased to see that the town of Stillwater had parked appropriate cars along the road for my enjoyment. See?

pink caddy

I like it when towns do nice things like that for me. More should.

And. That's a car I would LOVE. I'm not really a car girl, but that one really makes me happy.

Then. After the rehearsal, we had a fun dinner at a little Italian place. The Italian place with the Pomegranate Martinis. BUT. Parked outside of the restaurant was a truck. A LOVELY truck. All decorated so as to be mistaken for a Counter Terrorism Unit truck. I have no words to describe the motivation behind doing this to your vehicle.

24 Truck

Yeah. That's the back. The decals were ALL OVER the damn thing.

But inside the building that you see in the background? Pom Martinis! Which consist of: equal parts Pomegranate Liqueur (the bar had this stuff), and Limoncello, and a splash of sour mix. Maybe two shots each, and then the splash. Ok, it's not really a recipe, but more of a list of ingredients and a guess about amounts. Oh yeah. Shake them all in a shaker with ice, then strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a lemon twist, drink, and enjoy!

Then, the wedding:

Mar, Matt, Tuxedo, Wine

Matt and I looked nice. Matt was a groomsman, and men always look awesome in tuxes, and I was wearing a very pretty black, beaded dress that absolutely bruised the crap out of my arms.

arm hurtings!

That bottom part of the cap sleeves? Yeah, they didn't exactly give. At all. When I took off the dress, it looked like I'd had rubber bands around my arms the entire night. And three days later, I was asked who had grabbed me roughly like that, to leave those horrendous bruises.

But, I was lucky. The alcohol I was consuming kept me from noticing that the dress was hurting me, so I still had a fabulous time. And I danced the entire night.


And. One of the best weddings ever. You can even see the beautiful bride in the background.

Additionally, it was nice to leave this:

Moving Mess

And go and hang out with good friends.


Ellen K. said...

Beauty is pain. And that's a stunning dress, so it follows that you'd have proof of your pain (i.e., the bruises).

Logan said...

Just think, if the shop had been Swedish or Danish or Norwegian, it would have actually been spelled fart. You know, like FART! Hahaha! Fart! Oh, I kill me.

And at first sight of "pom martinis" I read "porn martinis" and got all excited.

Logan said...

And where's that fucking "facts about knitting" post, BITCH!


I love you, but sometimes it's hard.

e-liz said...

Wow,such anger Logan. Let it out though, don't hold back.
Mar--Your apartment looks like it will be nice, sans the boxes.

bobealia said...

I hate clothes that bruise.

doggerelblogger said...

I would like that fart joke also, and you looked FAAABULOUS, even though your dress attacked you.

Lena said...

That dress was totally worth the injuries - your sternum was rocking hot Marcia.

And is it odd that I have a room in my house that still looks like your picture...two years after moving in? Yeah, I didn't think so.

v said...

whoa, I guess I should hit refresh more often --- but at least I see the pic post now --- my apologies for the previous post asking about pics. Who else is confused? Good.

Anyway, great pics! Yeah that car is hot, especially the decals ... oh wait you were talking about the pink one. You all look hot. And your apartment looks hot. Way to go!