Sunday, September 17, 2006

I Left My Phone At My Mother-In-Law's, So Don't Call Me Until Tuesday.

I've just got back from watching two different sports teams lose in two different states (but I did get to hang out with both Kiki and Kat), and I'm tired and sunburned, and not willing to upload pictures today, so instead, you get the meme that Miss E tagged me with.

So, I present you with 4 words to describe or discuss in some way, and then I come up with 4 other words for the next round of tag. (And yes, that's a direct quote from Miss E. I can't think on my own right now, so it's really awesome that I'm doing a meme that requires me to be creative.

Miss E chose all E words and they're below, with my descriptions following each word.

excuse - Something I don't have to make anymore, as I no longer have a boss.

embrace - Matt. (Because it seems like a formal, tender sort of hug. Not a friend-hug.)

eyebrow - That I need to get mine done.

enchilada - Yum... maybe I'll make some for dinner tomorrow.... And, I also immediately think of Pueblo Solis, the Mexican restaurant in St. Louis that I always used to go to with Miss E and our friend Jennifer.

And, if anyone is so inclined, they could do random word association with Shoe, Fly, Potato, and Map. (Hmmm... Maybe Lizzle, because she's bored lately, E-Liz, so she knows I miss her, Doggerel, because she posted that awesome picture of the neon green, 5-foot stingray stuffed animal last week, and Perfect Moderation, because she just got engaged, and that makes me smile. And also because she entertains me on GChat.)

(Also, sorry about the lack of "Fact About"ing. I've just had too much sun to really learn about something right now. But. Facts About the Sun? That might be fun... Maybe next week.)

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SarahReznor said...

Shoe - need some. Fly - need a vacation. Potato - french fries sound great right now. Map - god i need a vacation!