Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Notre Dame Pictures.
Great Title, Don't You Think?

So... This past weekend, I went back to Notre Dame for ... well, let's not talk about the event I went back to witness. Let's just look at the pretty pictures of the campus that I took.

Zahm Hall, covered in Here Come the Irish.

Zahm Hall

They also had a very funny small sign up that read "Hail to the kinesiology majors," but I can only post one picture of Zahm without making snarky comments about the dorm's reputation.

This fountain, nicknamed Stonehenge (we're original), gets dyed green or filled with bubbles quite often. And the freshmen get forced to run through it at the crack of dawn of their first home football game - and many people run through it after Notre Dame wins on hot days.

Green Stonehenge

Hell, I almost ran through it after we lost - it was a long, hot game, and I'm no longer used to the grueling home game regimen of drinking and screaming.

Now, the obligatory photo of the crazy fan:

Green ND Fan

And the Administration Building.

Golden Dome

But the cool shot I really like is that of the inside of the Dome... Not many people realize that the Admin building is just as pretty - if not more - on the inside as it is on the outside.

Golden Dome Rotunda

There. All my non-painful photos from this Saturday.

Sidenote: I got up at 5:30 this morning to help with a volunteer program, and I'm doing it again in the morning. I'm very tired, and I plan on spending the rest of the day roasting red peppers and preserving them in olive oil and finishing the other denim skirt I'm working on. Because I'm really liking these reconstructed denim skirts, and I'm happy to be out and about meeting people.


Liz said...

Ahh the golden dome... brings back fond memories of drunken weekends for the ol' lizzle!

v said...

Yeah, yer campus is perrrrdy. Seriously, what a sexy Admin Building. Now I want to go to a private school. ;(

Glad to hear about your volunteering, not so glad to hear about 5:30am. Better you than me though, lol.

With the baseball games and the volunteer work ... you'll have a crapload of new friends in no time.

Kiki said...

Those are great pictures. I always love the Zahm Hall sign.

Anonymous said...

Aww, this almost makes me want to go back!


But only if people I know and like will come with me.


Softball Slut said...

I think Notre Dame is a beautiful campus. Unfortunately I was told by BOTH my parents that we dont like Notre Dame because they beat UT back in like the 70's and caused us to win the National Championship or something. Who knew? I didnt. Oh well. I was only glad to see ND lose cause it helped UT in the standings after our painstaking loss to Ohio

General Lee said...

Krazy Katholics...tell that Pope of yours to quit apologizing.

Monique said...

Boo! Notre Dame! Your team skunked mine last night. Boo!!! lol