Friday, October 06, 2006

I'm Apparently 12. Or 65.

Last night, after having 0 glasses of wine with dinner, I fell asleep at 9pm.

And, not just dozing. Matt claims he tried to wake me up, but I refused.

I swear, it wasn't the book that I was reading. Which is very good.

This morning, Matt wakes me up just before he left the house (apparently he thought that 11 hours of solid sleep was enough for me), and told me to check out the Rachael Ray article in Esquire this month. Because he said that she sounded like me. I'm not so sure - what do all of you think?

I tried to take a picture of the article, because it's short, but the way it's laid out on the page? I couldn't get it all in one picture and keep it readable. So you have to deal with clicking on the link above, I'm sorry.

And since I didn't have a picture for you, here's my favorite piece from Chanel yesterday:

Doesn't that just make you want to have realllllllllly long legs and a fierce sternum?

(Matt also mentioned that he thought my hair's getting too long. Because it's now more than halfway down my back. How long do you think is too long?)


Kiki said...

My hair grows really slowly. I cut my hair at the beginning of senior year and this is as long as it's gotten since then. So I say there's never too long.

Matt needs to stop having opinions. Unless it's about lawyering. Then it's ok. :-)

I too love the Chanel dress.

Summer said...

Your hair is not too long. I just wouldn't do much longer, personally. Maybe you should spice it up with a bunch of layers. I mean, ALOT of layers.

I like the dress. You could pull it off. What's stopping you?

Rachel Ray. Hmmm. I get what the article was saying and I think she's great. My husband thinks she's hot but, needs a boob job. Really bad. Like, at least to a B-cup. That's all I feel about her.

v said...

You probably know this is coming:

Slate had a piece defending Rachel Ray last year.

Unfortunately I don't know enough about cooking to comment on the Rachel Ray controversy. All I know is that she had some photoshopped pics in Stuff or Maxim or SoftcoreForDumbKids magazine.

Save Sheila said...

Love the Chanel dress!

sage said...

In my humble opinion, there is no such thing as too long hair for women

Jules said...

below your shoulder blades is too log I think.

Jules said...

oops...LONG not LOG, lol.

Jen said...

Hair is never too long. You should take some pics. I love long hair. It is gorgeous. Liked the article.

bobealia said...

Congrats on the jobs (above).
I think down the middle of your back is long enough but not too long. I think Crystal Gayle is toooo long.

Lena said...

Midway down the back is perfect, I think.

And we all know if ANYONE has a sternum to be reckoned with, it's....

YOU. ;)

Airhead said...

Well, the Rachel Ray article was funny (you), and she does a lot of random things (you), and you're not trying to be Martha Stewart (you) . . . so yeah, I'd say she has a taste of your flavor.

Have fun with the job interviews. I'd pick the one in the bridal shop.

Kat said...

I'll read Rachael later. I like her, even though her voice grates on me. She is pretty cute on her talk show, too.

But I did want to tell you that your mistake was CLEARLY having ZERO glasses of wine.