Sunday, November 26, 2006

Another Skirt! And Skirt News!

Now that we're all back, ten pounds fatter, from the turkey eating contest of last week, I've got something fun and crafty to show all of you:

I made this for my old roommate, JSto. She gave me complete creative freedom (she should trust me, we did live together for 3 years), and I took that freedom to try something new.

I took 5 yards of ribbon and handsewed it in a lovely, loopy pattern along the hem.

Jsto Front

And I put the last bit of ribbon that I had on the back pockets.

JSto Back

"Why are the back pockets different?" Matt asked. "It's cool," I informed him. "Oh," he replied, sounding unconvinced.

And... here's a detail of the ribbon that I'm so proud of:

JSto Ribbon Detail


I am going to start selling these. So.... If you have an old pair of jeans that you want me to turn into a skirt? Email me (marseeah(at)gmail(dot)com). Depending on what sort of embellishment you want (ribbon, beading, embroidery, etc), they're going to cost between $40 and $60. With a simple ribbon design being 40, beading or a hard ribbon design at 50, and the embroidery at 60.

And if you want a refresher on how damn cute the skirts are, check out the flickr set of the ones I've made. And I've got two more in the works, which I'll post on here when I finish them.

(PS? This is scary for me. What if all of you don't like the skirts now that I want money for them? What if no one likes my skirts, and everyone thinks that I am Bad at Sewing?)


otilius said...

okay, and now the shoes that go with?


Angela said...

Ok. If anyone thinks you're bad at sewing, send them my way. I'll show them the beautiful skirt you did for me, and then I'll bloody their nose.

Princess in Galoshes said...

I'm sending you jeans this week.

No, seriously this time. I mean it.

Jsto said...

The different pockets are my favorite part. Everytime I show someone my skirt I'm like "look at the pockets...They're different."

bobealia said...

The skirts are fab, and oh yeh, the pockets ROCK.
I have no money, but one day I will.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to pass this on to my friends. And I may be sending a pair soon . . . I found a hole in the back pocket that needs some lovin'. I just need to make sure the waist fits, because I think they might be too big now.

Logan said...

Then you're fucked. :)

Kelly said...

Don't be scared about selling them!
I was the same way with my blog designs... but the people came and then they KEPT coming!
You will do good! Just keep posting what you have done on your site and the people will flock!!!!!!
You are so talented.
If I were you I would make a few and take them to some local boutiques to see what they think of them.