Friday, December 22, 2006

Drink the Tree.

Matt and I went to the most fun party last weekend, thrown by Matt's friend Tony:

There were bottles of alcohol on a Christmas tree, and the objective of the party was to "Drink the Tree." I know, I know, Tony is a genius. And even better? This is the 3rd annual Drink the Tree.

And the 200 people attending the party did drink that tree. Heartily.

Thankfully, I took pictures.

First, the Tree, as it was central to the party:


And yes, those are little airline bottles of alcohol, or "nips," hung on the tree. And yes, the tree was returned to Home Depot the next day.

For clarification, I've taken a close-up.

Tree Nips

I know, I'm too good to you. Two pictures of the tree.

And still: Party-goers were instructed to bring their own nips to the party, so I made a sign, based on crudely-drawn pen and ink diagrams, of how to get Christmas ornament hooks onto a nip of alcohol:

How To Hang a Nip

And, there were MANY more nips at the party than actually were able to hang on the tree:

nips table

And. I might have had my fair share of the nips. I did end the night wearing antlers.



Jsto said...

That sounds like the coolest Christmas party ever!! Love the antlers!

Summer said...


They light up, too. I'm glad you had a blast : )

Tabitha Dial said...

Very cool party. Fun idea. Happy holidays!

markus said...

that's what i'd call getting into the holiday spirit! sorry, i couldn't resist... i'm a dork.

happy holidays, marcia!!

hotdrwife said...

Oooh, this looked like a great party - and an idea for our house next year!

Andi in Nova Scotia said...

What a fantastic idea!! Looks like u had fun (like, who wouldn't?) Happy Holidays from Nova Scotia! All the best in 2007!!

Ryan Oakley said...

I was so excited for you until I found out that those were "nips" or, as I like to call them, childern's servings. Either way, next year I'm gonna need a big, strong tree.

Logan said...

Lush. ;)

Glad to see that you're FUCKING POSTING AGAIN, sweet pea. Your antlers look lovely.

blog Portland said...

An actual picture of the elusive Marcia? It's like Christmas came early.

Oh, and notice how I refrained from the "horny" jokes? You should all be very proud of me.

Lena said...


Antlers + nips = a party I wish I was at! I'm photoshopping myself next to you in a Santa hat.

v said...

Seems like a stellar party, glad to hear you had such fun. I gotta give you some major props on the pen and ink diagram. Now when the opportunity arises, I will be well prepared to hang a moderately sized alcoholic beverage on a tree.

I hope you had a wonderful Xmas and I hope you have an equally oustanding New Year's!

Vaguely Urban said...

That is the most fabulous idea! Festive and booze-pushing - I love it!

Oh, and I see a lot more than the usual collarbones in that sexy neckline you've got going there. Rock it, Marcia!

Merry Christmas!