Monday, December 04, 2006

Happy December!

And, as you should know, this means that the second issue of Fetch is out!

Kat has spent the past week or so editing, uploading, finding pictures, and stressing. She even missed her office Christmas party.

Missing a party? With alcohol? Now that's dedication.

And yes, (warning, shameless self-promotion ahead), I've written the second of my recurring column Faking It, about being a domestic goddess without really trying. Check it out!

All of the articles this issue are awesome. Some highlights? The beauty advice column. And the work advice article that I helped edit (which I'm sure my former coworkers will find hysterical).

Happy reading! Mondays are for procrastinating, right?


anne said...

Loved it as usual... :)

blog Portland said...

Stellar work. And you even somehow managed to improve upon your debut piece!