Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Usually, Matt and I don't make a big deal about the day. It's a big Hallmark production, roses that should sell for $10 sell for $50, and frankly, going to dinner this night is more of a hassle than a romantic event.

But. A week ago Matt told me he had gotten me a present and there was nothing I could do to deter him from giving it to me. And that I wasn't supposed to give anything to him.

I thought that was a pretty damn awesome deal.

But, eventually, I knew I couldn't not give him something. So I sought out this: describes them as bittersweet chocolate truffles, in the shape of frogs, one topped with a 24 carat gold edible crown. "The rest are a collection of 'reject' frogs in amusing positions."

Calling the frogs "rejects" and defining their positions as "amusing" cemented my decision to buy them. Also, the fact that they were on sale.

So, this morning, after much anticipation, Matt opened his present. And we feasted on amusing reject frogs. Then, Matt brought out his present.

At which point, I started squealing. Because it was wrapped in a tell-tale Tiffany blue box. Which I opened to discover this:

A celebration of the fact that we're half-way through with Akron, and in six months, we're going to be in the Big Apple.

And even better? I was already wearing a shirt that would show off the necklace today. Hell, all the shirts I own are sternum-showers, so it's not that surprising.

But the best Valentine's Day present of all? Because of the insane blizzard we're experiencing, Matt gets to stay home with me today.


Kiki said...

That sounds like such a perfect day! What a wonderful husband! Hope you have a great rest of the day!

goirishkj said...

I LOVE the frog prince and the reject frogs. AND Matt's gift for you is so perfect and thoughtful. Sounds like you're having a good day :)

Princess in Galoshes said...

Awesomest. Chocolates. EVER.

I must get me some, stat.

Also- Matt rocks for going to Tiffany's. What a fantabulous day!!!!

Lindsay said...

PERFECTION. I love you, and I love MATT. And I love Tiffany. And I also apparently love the Caps Lock.

But it's Valentines Day so it's cool.

Happy Valentines Day, sugar pie!

kim said...

What a great day! Chocolate AND Tiffany! (By the way, I've moved!)

Logan said...

Anthony got a similar stay-at-home-with-Logan present today. I'd say he handled it well. :)

Summer said...

Happy Tiffany's Day! I mean Valentine's Day....

What an awesome gift!