Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Love Presidents

I never really cared much for presidents, but this past Monday's President's Day holiday made it possible for me to head off to San Diego for a few days. I've just downloaded the 200 pictures I took on vacation, and Matt said, "Oh good. They're 90% animals."

Which is true - we went to the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park, and I couldn't stop snapping photos. I'll put together a cute animal post later, but for now, I'll let you know what we did:

1) Took Matt to Mexico for the first time. Just over the border to Tijuana. It didn't take Matt long to realize that, although there are good parts of Mexico, he wasn't going to see them in this crazy border town. We return to America quickly, and when we're back, getting into our car, Matt says, "It's like an entirely different horrible country down there!" Yes, Matt. It is. It's called Mexico.

2) Shopping. I managed to hit up some amazing sales. I bought 4 dresses, 1, a dressy red dress, the other 3? All black wrap around dresses. Because I don't already own several of them. Dear God, I'm so predictable.

3) Sushi - after living in the midwest for so long, eating sushi that had never been frozen on it's journey into my stomach was thrilling.

3) Lena! (Or is it Lena?) And Vi! (Of The Green Straw, which we all miss.) I got to meet them for drinks (at the tres fun Martini Ranch), something that I think the three of us are all very good at. (I ended that sentence with a preposition, and I'm proud of it.)

Marcia and Lena

See? There Lena and I are. With martinis. Pretty much perfect. (If we'd only managed to get Vi in the same picture, as opposed to taking this picture, it would be. But, as it is, the lemon drop in the center of the picture is hers. So pretend.) Both of them are gorgeous and funny and so friendly!

4) We got to go to the beach! It wasn't "San Diego warm," but when we left Akron, it was -3, and it was 80 when we landed in San Diego, so it was perfect for us.


Add hanging out with old friends and family, and it's a perfect vacation. Actually, the only thing that was on our list that we didn't get to do was go whale watching - bad weather on Monday made going out on the ocean a bad idea. I think that this just means we need to go back sometime soon, right?


Princess in Galoshes said...

Ooooh. Pretty. I am ready to move to San Diego, right about now. Can I go with you, next time?

Jsto said...

What kind of crazy, sentences that end in prepositions using, woman have you become?

R said...

I kind of have a girl crush on Lena.

Logan said...

An entirely different horrible country? You know, I say the same thing about the female fundament all the time.


Lena said...

LOVED finally meeting you too. You are so damn tiny oh my God!

Come back! :^(

v said...

Glad to hear yall had a great time. Can't wait for the Zoo photographs!

And 80 degrees? I live in the same state and it ain't 80 degrees over here. Damn you San Diego and your 80 degree weather!?! Ha. I kid, I kid. San Diego, you're the greatest.

librarian pirate said...

Grammar Girl (my favorite podcast) says that ending sentences with a preposition is ok as long as the preposition has an object. Does that make me a geek - the fact that my favorite podcast is about grammar?

ANYWAY - Lena looks a bit like our cousin Stephanie to me - or am I crazy? I'm probably crazy.

I miss sushi. I could go for either the cooked or vegetarian stuff right now, but ::sigh:: - I miss the raw fish!