Friday, February 02, 2007

So, Dude, I Don't Post So Much Any More

But really, I should.

Because after I went to work on Wednesday from 10-2, Matt had lunch with me at the Diamond Deli. Which was fun and low key.

As soon as I had arrived home, I received a call from Matt saying that I could come to a work dinner at the Diamond Grill. Which is only the best steak house in Akron. The place where Tiger goes to eat when he's in town for the Firestone Tournament (yes, everything in Akron is named after the tires.)

And so I went and ate steak with Lawyers Wednesday night. And the steak was good.

Which I like to call my Double Diamond Day. Or Triple D to those that are close to me.

Really, I don't have much else to report.

Other than I made duck for the first time. And I used a duck recipe from the Paris Williams-Sonoma cookbook (thank you, my favorite sister-in-law), and it was awesome. Seriously. Even though the only duck available in Akron is frozen, in the exotic meats freezer in the West Point Market (where I can also purchase Alligator). (Dude, I so need to cook alligator, don't I?).

Also, I made the recipe that Martha made today with Lorraine Bracco (the woman who plays Tony Soprano's therapist on The Sopranos), and, it was the first coq au vin that I've ever made, and it was a heart healthy recipe (it being February and all, and we're all supposed to wear red today for women's heart health, and yes, I did wear a red sweater today, even though the only person who saw it was the grocery store check out lady, and she was Not My Favorite Lady of all time). And Matt says that maybe I should make this every Friday. All of them.

I say that maybe I would get tired of them.

He thinks not.

But the Coq au Vin was pretty awesome.


Bobealia... said...

I looked at the Coq au Vin recipe and it looked good until I saw cheesecloth and I just closed the window at that. Cheesecloth is too complicated for me, or rather, I'm too lazy for cheesecloth.

Anonymous said...

Looks terrific! I'm making it for your father tonight!

v said...

I still say the Food Network needs to get you a show. Pronto.

Wow. Alligator? Really? I wonder what alligator tastes like? Yeah, probably like crocodile.v

Princess in Galoshes said...

Coq au vin is awesome. But yeah. You really need to step up and stew some alligator.

Are you going to leave the heads on? It'd be so Water Boy of you!

Kiki said...

I haven't made Coq au vin, but Baloo and I make soups on the weekend. And isn't it so great to have lunch with your man in the middle of the day? I heart that.

Also, I don't know how much I like duck. In my household we always have duck for Christmas and each year I get excited for it and then remember that I don't like the way it's prepared. You'll have to share your duck recipe with us.

blog Portland said...

Anything that starts out with the word "cock" has to be good for you.