Thursday, March 08, 2007

And... I'm Off. Again.

I'm headed to Chicago today for a baby shower for my little sister.

Want to see some of the cute stuff I made for the baby?

Cute Bibs

Yeah. I almost can't give them away. That bear sticking his whole face in that bowl of honey? I love it.

And. Less cute, but still pretty darn adorable:


Yeah. I love those turtles and that giraffe.

And yeah, I know that my sister probably won't let the baby use them, but I still love them.


Kiki said...

Cuteness! Have fun. Ill be in Chicago for the Big Ten Tournament this weekend. I'm not sure why, but it's nice to get away from Lansing.

Summer said...

As soon as I get back to Missouri, we'll do your eBay. I'm going to try to blog next week. Positive note, I was the Queen of Alcohol Land the last two weekends!

Believe it or not, my mom has been reading all the blogs for me and catching me up. She told me that I had to see your 'baby burp things' and I rushed right over.

I miss you, too!

markus said...

you made those?? you got skilz marcia!

david santos said...

very nice, thank you
have nice wkend

Vaguely Urban said...

the baby can only wear those to have his/her photo taken.

v said...

Who are you? The world's greatest sister? Seriously, what wonderful gifts.

Have fun in Chi town (yeah, I'm not sure why I just called Chicago "Chi town" either, umm, it's cause I'm hip). Take some great photographs, especially if you visit a zoo or a Bulls game.

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panthergirl said...

OK, I'm scratching my head about the comment above me.

Anyhoooooo... the bibs are great!!! I'm knitting a baby bolero, my first non-scarf project, and I'm so happy I've got a friend with baby I can knit for. You did an awesome job on those!!

Just thought I'd drop in...

TSN said...

Why aren't there any llama bibs? That is my question.

Bobealia... said...

Wow that's a lot of work!
Also, a fab present for the baby.
Have fun!

librarian pirate said...

the baby is so going to LOVE them! Not wear them much,no ... that's what the "Lunch is on ME!" bib is for. Those are for being pretty and cute and for showing off to people and saying, "see? My sister ROCKS!"