Sunday, May 13, 2007

Akron is a Snake Eat Frog Kind of a Town.

No, really it is.

Snake Eat Frog World

Matt almost stepped on that when we were out hiking at the Hampton Hills MetroPark today.

I, understandably, flipped out, took a picture (but not a good one, as that would require getting close), and stressed about the condition of that cute red frog's leg (um, I think I see a tendon), and the fact that the frog and the snake both took the frog's death so patiently: we were there for at least 3 minutes (I frankly couldn't stand another second looking at that thing), and neither of them so much as breathed.


Ellen K. said...

Poor frog. : (

Last time we went hiking, D. and I watched helplessly as a turtle strangled itself on fishing line on a log in the middle of the lake. Very traumatic.

Lizzle said...

Poor frog... I hope that snake gets a bad case of diarrhea!

Mr. Cranky said...

this is the best post in the history of blogs.

except of course for all my blog posts.

Bobealia... said...


Ryan Oakley said...

I love that photo. I wish it was on the bottom of my dinner plates.