Thursday, August 16, 2007


There is nothing better in the world - nothing - than sitting on your couch, reading a good book, while watching five burly men lovingly pack all of your possessions in sheets and sheets of paper, carry them on their backs down three steep flights of stairs, and load them on a truck bound for New York.


blog Portland said...

Is one of them also fanning you with a large palm frond whilst yet another feeds you grapes?

Lizzle said...

Yeah... Hate you... Like, A LOT NOW.

Christie said...

I would love to hate you since I have been slaving away packing up my house, but I'm in high hopes of getting your help with crafty stuff.

Johnie said...

Wait... so are you sitting on the couch while they carry it out?

Personally, I think reading in first class on a flight to NYC may be slightly more comfortable than on the couch in the back of the truck. ;-)

Summer said...

I love movers, too! I've only had movers for the last two moves but, I'll never be without them again.

I sat on the couch, too. It was one of the last things they took to the truck. To be fair, I did get off my fine ass once and go get them something to eat. That was the extent of work I put into the move.

Ahhhh! Yesssss! Moving is great when someone else is doing it!