Thursday, September 13, 2007

Two Things:

1) That email re: a job application I sent in on Friday? Turned into an impromptu phone interview today that ended with me scheduling an in-person interview for Tuesday.

2) Craig Finn is speaking at Barnes and Noble in Union Square tonight (speaking, not singing), so Matt and I are headed down there. I'm excited.

Also - I'm adjusting to NYC pretty well. I like the fact that I get to dress up for everything, and I'm getting used to wearing a little makeup every day - if eyeliner and lipgloss even count as makeup these days.


Kiki said...

Congrats on your interviews!

Princess in Galoshes said...

Oooh! Congrats on the in-person interview! I know you will rock it.

Also- makeup every day. Impressive. I would like to dress up every day, though!

Ellen K. said...

Congrats on the interview!

A special request for your recap of Emmy fashion. There were some serious WTF moments on the red carpet.