Monday, October 29, 2007

Theme Week: YouTube Videos That Will Change Your Life

The Grumpy Owl often does theme weeks, and they're always amusing. Plus, I have trouble blogging regularly, so maybe this will make me change that.

Now, nothing can ever take the place of Charlie the Unicorn, but this video makes me laugh. Continually. Plus, I was a theology major, which means I know a lot about the bible, and there's very little, if anything, not factually correct in the video. But even though it's the bible, it's not safe for work. There's a lot of sex and violence in the bible.

So, I present to you, Genesis 19: Total Insanity:



Jsto said...

Um, hell just called. They wanted to confirm your reservation.

PS I think I had that professor.

Lizzle said...

Umm, the disguised angels looked like they were in a boy band doing one of those crazy choreographed dances when they were telling Lot to "get the fuck out and don't look back!"

That was my main thought.

the queen said...

Shunnnnn! Shunnnnnnnn!

Kelly said...

Guess WHAT? I am hitting NYC NEXT WEEK! Will be there next Thursday through the following Tuesday.
We are doing luck or something, right????

Ryan Oakley said...

Theme week? Have fun. I never do.

Lily said...

That Lott clip was insanely funny! The more you watch it the funnier it gets!lol
I've been raised on these ridiculous tales as a kid,I unfortunately know them by heart, so it made my day! De-sexing