Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Recap:

I'm going to try and make this short and sweet.

The food:

1) 20 lb Turkey
2) Gravy
3) Dressing
Three kinds:
a) cornbread dressing, traditional of my cousin's wife's family
b) plain dressing, traditional to my family
c) cubed bread stuffing with onions and celery, traditional of Matt's family. But we added sausage to it and it is the best stuffing EVER. Says everyone.
4) Green Bean Casserole (with the French Fried Onions on top. I eat those things like potato chips. Yes, I bought an extra large can, and yes, I finished it up last night, while watching Heroes.)
5) Mashed Potatoes, with sour cream and roasted garlic
6) Cranberries
Two kinds:
a) from a can, still in the can shape, and delicious
b) my aunt Cindy's recipe of brandied cranberries which is awesome
7) Rigatoni (my family is Italian)
Three kinds of meat in the sauce:
a) hot Italian sausage
b) meatballs, made by my sister Elizabeth
c) a 3 lb rump roast (doesn't that sound gross?) simmered in the sauce for 12 hours, then cut into chunks and returned to the sauce for everyone's enjoyment

Wanna see?

The Spread

And yes, I so use pretty pretty silver glasses with paper towels for napkins. And none of you should have a problem with that.

Matt carved the turkey, and did a fabulous job. Unfortunately, in the picture (linked), you can't see the turkey very well (it's a narrow, narrow kitchen), but you CAN see that we've already gone through a lot of wine glasses.

And then there was pie.

Pie Shelf!

From the left, there is Apple, then Pumpkin, then a Cranberry Tart. (Below them you can see the Sausage stuffing waiting to go in the oven, as well as the cranberry jelly.)

Oh... But that's not all the food we had. Johnie brought over a cheesecake from Junior's. Which is pretty much the best cheesecake ever. Even Matt raved about it, and he is not a huge cheesecake fan.

Wanna see whatelse Johnie brought over?

The Untraditional Sidedish

Yeah, 45 jello shots. I pretty much never want Thanksgiving without them again. Because... YUM. Jello shots. (PS? My favorite jello shot used to be Strawberry Kiwi, but I think it's now Pineapple.)

Finally. The guests.

The Group
From left, Johnie, my sister's boyfriend, my sister Elizabeth, my brother Michael, my college roommate Jane, my husband Matt, my cousin Ara, his wife Cicely, their friend Ali, and ME!


Uncommon Blonde said...

I love the pics for several reasons. I noticed the paper towels right away - I don't have a problem with it at all but the fact is my Southern grandmother has ruined me forever and I notice ridiculous things like that because of her! I also love that you had jello shots. That should be added to Thanksgiving menus across the country, it would reduce everyone's holiday stress!

otilius said...

nice! looks like a good time, to be sure.

I was in Juneau (yes, Alaska) for the big day. We didn't have any Jello Shots but we did have an amazing salmon dip made by my mother. YUM!!

a belated HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you!

jo! said...

so many people that i love! i think that jello shots are to your T-giving as Party Margaritas are to mine! I don't think i can ever appropriately thank you for that recipe. Seriously. It's changed my life.

Rebekah said...

Recipe for cubed bread stuffing?

Johnie! said...

Marica! I'm disappointed in you...

You left out the other most important ingredient for thanksgiving.

You left out the part that we started out with 36 bottles of wine and ended the night with 15 bottles! :)

Anyways, had a blast.

Christie said...

A party isn't a party if there aren't any jell-o shots. Or liquor. I think I have a problem.

http://southcitysadie.typepad.com/ said...

D.'s family does shots on Thanksgiving too. Before noon.