Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Today I Have:

- made brownies, in a tart pan, so they look pretty, with snowflake sprinkles on top.

- made Petit Pot au Chocolat, which I saw in the New York Times on Sunday, and couldn't wait one second to make.

- made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

-gave brownies and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to my neighbors.

- ate lunch with the Cat's Me'Ass.

- cleaned the house.

- arranged new furniture (pictures coming, I promise) that was just delivered from my grandfather's house.

- blogged.


There is no way I could have a job at this point. Not only did I do all that today, but I'm going out to dinner with friends (and hopefully my husband!), which is going to be completely fun. I'm waaaaay too busy and fulfilled.

Which is good, because I didn't get another job today. Damn internal promotion.


Bobealia... said...

Damn. Damn. And Damn. I hope you are having a damn great time.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Yes, pictures are going to be necessary.

Also, are you still looking in the publishing field?

Uncommon Blonde said...

No fair! I'm throwing a tantrum now because as much as you want a job, I want to bake brownies and go to fun lunches. Grass is always greener ...

wastinawayincubeland said...

I am seconding blonde...that sounds like a helluva day...a day I would like to have!

Love your blog!

wastinawayincubeland said...
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Christie said...

I either need to stop reading your blog or move closer, because I get hungry 75% of the time when I read your blog. I guess I could just get off my lazy butt and make my own cookies, but I don't want to. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.