Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Book Smarts, Not Street Smarts.

Matt just called me.

"Mar," he said, "I didn't sleep last night, and I'm really tired, and I can't concentrate."

"Honey," I reply, "You should have some more coffee."

"WAIT. Wait." When he starts like this, I know I'm in trouble. "Are you saying that today is the wrong day to have stopped having an afternoon cup of coffee?"

"Yes. You probably have a caffeine headache."

"I don't have a headache! But I think I have a a fever."

"Matt," I say, because I can tell where this conversation is going, "I am not speaking to you until you head downstairs and get at least a double something from Starbucks."

He seems to be wavering in this idea, so I hang up.

He was at work until 1am last night, and he honestly thought that he was going to stay at work that long again today without having any coffee? Idiot.


kimberlie said...

men never learn...!

Christie said...

Who's smartypants idea was it to give up coffee? I love coffee. A lot.

Robot Zombie Vampire said...

I think I'm about done with coffee. It is a harsh mistress, one who has left me butt naked in the middle of nowhere far too many times.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Move back to Colorado. The Funasarus has never had to work that late. Not once. Ever ever.

(He has, however, stayed out for "happy hourS" that have gone much later, with coworkers.)

Logan said...

Heh, dumbass. Attractive dumbass, but dumbass nonetheless. :P

Lizzle said...

ONE AM? I guess he must love you an awful lot to support you in the lap of luxury to which you have grown so accustomed.

As for the coffee, is there a VALID reason that he is reducing his coffee intake? Otherwise that's just nonsense!