Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm Cooler Than Gawker Stalker:

Today, while working out at the 96th Street Equinox, I saw Alec Baldwin.

That's right, kids, I worked out with Jack Donaghy today, and it was awesome.

(I'm 95% sure it was him. Everyone at the gym was kind of slyly looking at him, without really staring.)

He was looking kinda heavy, but he was working out hard. But he is kinda heavy, and he SHOULD be working out hard.


Vaguely Urban said...

Even if he's heavy, he's still a total Baldwin. :)

Ellen K. said...

A total Baldwin. And I've always thought he was adorably sexy in Beetlejuice.

jennifer said...

omgzzzzz he's a fox.

Kiki said...

How do you know Alec Baldwin wasn't there to check you out? I'm just's possible.