Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'll Be 27 Next Week, and It's Still True:

Drinks with straws are just better.


rebekah @ elizabeth anne designs said...

Sure are!

Princess in Galoshes said...

SO interesting that you just wrote that. The Funasaurus and I have been having an on-going debate about the fun-ness of straws. Apparently, straws are extremely unmanly. In an unofficial poll, 9 out of 9 men we have surveyed say they prefer to drink straight from a glass than from a straw.

Who knew?!

I, for one, am with you. And I just steal The Funasaurus' unused straws from his soda for my water.

Johnie said...

I hope you are not talking about these straws: "Consumerist: Walmart Takes Phallic "Fun Straws" Seriously

Lizzle said...

Agreed... With a noted exception for MOST (though not ALL) alcoholic beverages.

The reason being that alcoholic beverages are usually pretty fun on their own, and straws generally only function to limit the speed if intake!

Holly said...

I agree. Love straws....esp the bendy ones.