Saturday, March 01, 2008


Now that I'm working, I have more energy and inspiration on the weekends... And so when Yumsugar posted a link to these brownies, and Matt went to the office all afternoon, I had no choice but to make them: Mascarpone brownies with ganache frosting and raspberries.

Raspberry Brownies

The raspberries weren't in the original recipe, but when I went to Barzini's (the awesome UWS grocery store, not the character from the Godfather), the raspberries looked so good, I couldn't resist them. And it makes them seem more festive, which is always good.

I'm having a hard time waiting until the ganache is set to eat them...


I ate them. They're AWESOME. Very very rich.

And, of course, I took another picture:



e-liz said...

Oh, I miss working in an office with you and getting to try all the delights that came out your kitchen!

Princess in Galoshes said...

Oh my lord. Those look divine.

Summer said...

Your blogging is almost as bad as me! haha! Are you somewhere in a brownie coma? Do you need to be rescued?