Monday, May 26, 2008

Bulleted List Monday:

a) I'm having a cocktail party for 20-30 people for my sister's engagement on Friday. I have yet to buy any of what I need for it (except a case of champagne) and I haven't finalized the menu yet. But for some reason I'm not worried.

b) I've started to buy home redecorating and kitchen remodeling magazines with surprising alacrity. Even though I've only been in my future house once, it was over a month ago, and I have no measurements or real ideas of what I need to do (besides take out the entire kitchen and replace it with a better one). But I'm spending a lot of my time learning how to rewire light fixtures and hang medicine cabinets. Who have I turned into?

c) I made peach-orange jam today. YUM. And I managed to not hurt myself while making the jam - and then I burned my hand badly on the heating element in the dishwasher. It makes me so mad! I empty the dishwasher every day... I make jam maybe twice a year on a very productive year. And of course, I hurt myself on the NORMAL one. Oh well.

d) I go back to the sports med doctor on Wednesday. I'm excited to see what she has to say about my pain (which is unchanged) and my physical therapist even mentioned that maybe I should use a cane... which I was NOT happy to hear.

e) The weather in New York has been fabulous and warm, and I spent a lot of the weekend walking around my two nearby parks (Central and Riverside) with Matt, and I got some sun. Matt says I look more "colorful" which thankfully is not a euphemism for a burn, but an interesting compliment for my new tan.

f) It's only a four day work week! That's always reason to celebrate!


rebekah @ elizabeth anne designs said...

You aren't worried because you are a fabulous hostess and can pull it off stylishly.


:( about the cane.

I love having color, but not an all out leather tan. :)

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