Thursday, July 24, 2008

Down to Earth

This past weekend, while I was in Colorado, Matt decided to take a vacation from work July 23 to August 4. His two cases were settling, and we're moving, so it just seemed like a good time. Plus, he has more vacation time than god.

We were talking about this via text message (we're a very modern couple) on Sunday:

Me: What are you going to do during your time off?
(Thinking his answer will include packing for the move and relaxing, and things like that.)
Matt: I'm going to reinvent history!
(I'd forgotten that he was currently at a bar while texting me. But I remembered now.)
Me: You will go to the dentist!

He thought I was joking... but no. And he did. At 11 this morning. Yay no cavities!

1 comment:

Logan said...

In other news, hey I bet your dude would look great with some facial fuzz. Hide his shaving cream every other day!

(hope the move is going well)