Monday, August 11, 2008

I Really Wanted to Boycott the Olympics. I Tried. Honest.

Is it possible to watch the Beijing Olympics while still hold hatred for the Chinese policies on human rights, especially with what they're doing to Tibet?

Because I'm trying my hardest to do that. And showing my surprisingly patriotic side as I cheer for the USA in sports.

PS - It just shows how much of an idiot Bush is when, after being asked to skip the Opening Ceremonies of the games for political reasons, he replied that he wouldn't do it because such action on his part would be "an affront to the Chinese."

Duh, that's the exact reason everyone wanted you to do it.


Jsto said...

I just watch and hope that all the Chinese teams/athletes lose. PS Did you see Artemev's pommel horse qualifying routine?

Logan said...

Not on topic but related to the previous Georgia post :

A friend of mine and I were talking about Bush's trip to Tbilisi at work earlier today, and she commented that when he got on the plane headed for Georgia, about six hours into the flight he probably asked why it was taking so long.


Jay said...

I lobbied to have the Dalai Lama added to Team USA basketball. If he dunked over Yao Ming, this whole "Free Tibet" thing would be over.

Christie said...

Well, at least Bush looked like a total moron at the ceremonies. Did you see that guy, checking out his watch and ready to fall asleep. I know they were long, but it's not like he does anything anyway.