Monday, September 15, 2008

A Week of Ups and Downs:

The closing went off without a hitch on Tuesday, we had some sketchy movers on Wednesday, but nothing truly bad came of it, and we're now in the new house.

And Matt just left for 10 weeks in Paris and I couldn't be sadder.

So let's distract ourselves by posting pictures of the move!

The hallway was once full of clutter:


But we have since disposed of pretty much all the various packing materials.

When we first moved in, I had the movers put almost everything in the second bedroom, and it worked out fairly well - we had the master set up almost completely for that first night, so we weren't looking for a place to sleep at 1am, and it has been fairly easy to unpack from a room that we don't have any furniture in yet.

But on day two, it still looked pretty crazy:


The living room was on it's way that night, too:


I won't mention that Matt was taking pictures while I was doing work... it is actually good that he was documenting this.

And the bedroom? YES, I need to have built-in closets made (right now there are no closets at all in the master bedroom). But guess what the master bedroom does have:

bedroom 1

THE SHOE CUBE! Which, because of cleaning out and throwing away that happened during the move is now in need of seven more pairs of inhabitants... I think I'm up for the job of finding those inhabitants.

And. There is nothing more cheerful than coming home to your friendly household foyer elephant.

Foyer Elephant

Since my husband is in Paris, I'm going to have to hug the elephant when I get home every night.


Princess in Galoshes said...

You... you ARE going to visit him in Paris, non?

Auburn Kat said...


matt said...

Be good to her, Elephant, she's special.

Anonymous said...

Quickly paint the apartment a soft ballet pink color while Matt is in Paris...or perhaps Marcia "Tiffany" blue...NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

Kiki said...

We'll keep you company while Matt is away! Congrats on your new place!

Theresa said...

Please post the picture of Scarlett on top of the elephant!