Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I hit "save" on last week's Project Runway (I know, I know, tonight was the finale, I was um, IN PARIS and I'm catching up.).

The cable box returns to regular TV, and it's a reply of tonight's finale of PR. And Heidi is saying, "______, you are the winner of Project Runway."

(No, she didn't say blank, she said the effing name - I'm just not going to say it again for you. And now it's ruined. Well, not really ruined. But, you know, ruined.)

Bad, bad timing.

I'm still going to watch it on my DVR tomorrow.


random moments said...

Oh I've missed so many of the episodes! I wish I had a DVR!

Ellen K. said...

That happened to me last season, and I was PISSED. But let me know what you think after watching the finale. BTW, The Advocate had a funny recap.