Monday, October 06, 2008

I'm Really Sensitive When Telling People Important Info:

Matt and I were IMing, and he was about to go home, and he was worried that he might be getting a cold. This reminded me of something:

Elizabeth has...

Matt: mono?

me: winner!
loser - Elizabeth.

Yeah - my poor older sister, who doesn't have enough to worry about, with, you know, being a 2nd year resident at a hospital, delivering babies constantly, and planning her wedding, and keeping up what is basically a long-distance relationship, now has MONO.

And, adult that I am, when she emailed me with the news, I replied, "who have you been making out with?" I also fully intend on making kissing jokes to her fiance when I'm out with him tonight. HA.


Jsto said...

I'm sure she was sharing drinks with her friends...cause that's how you get mono you know. haha

Johnie! (The Fiancee) said...

I watch enough Scrubs and Grey's Anatomy to know what really goes on in the hospital. And this just reaffirms it!!

random moments said...

Oh mono is no fun at all, but just think - now she has a serious excuse to sit back and take a break. Give some responsibility to others! (Do I sound like I'm planning a wedding too? Ha!)

Good rib tho. I would have poked about the making out too.

Ellen K. said...

Mono is not fun, but small bonus: "I was so lucky getting mono. That was like the best diet ever."