Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Veracity of This Post Has Not Been Certified by the Académie Française

While walking through the Parc Monceau this morning, we stop at what is essentially the snack bar (where in America there would be nachos and greasy hamburgers, here, there is espresso, crêpes, and delicious sandwiches on baguettes). Matt and I order two coffees and two "pain au chocolat" (Essentially a croissant with chocolate in it. The most healthful breakfast possible.). While we're sipping our espressos and eating the pastries, I'm chatting on (and, probably, on) about what we're eating, etc. Matt, happy to see me, yet willing to start teasing me already, says, "Mar, this is not my first bateau au chocolat." And I burst out laughing. Because while it is certainly not his first pain au chocolat, or his first baguette au chocolate, which I think is what he wanted to say, he is not fat enough (or fat at all) to be able to say he has eaten a boat of chocolate.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you were here!

Ellen K. said...


So jealous!