Monday, July 20, 2009

My Job is Harder Than it Should Be:

Me: Hey, so, remember that directive where we're supposed to put the name of the book in the back cover copy several times so that search engines will more likely direct people searching for the name of the book to a place selling the book?
Boss: Yes.
Me: So I edited this back cover copy so that instead of saying "this monograph" it says the name of the book. Nice, right? I changed the sentence around so it still flows, and there's so much space in the structure of this paragraph on the back cover that it works out well!
Boss: Well... I just... I don't like putting the name of the book on the back cover.
Me: Um. But why? We're supposed to, remember? For search engine optimization? So we can sell the book? And I see this on a lot of books. It's not unusual.
Boss: Yeah... But... It's just not my style.
Me: So should I take it out?
Boss: No, leave it in. I guess it works for this book.

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