Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Arch, Jiggler Ghosts, and a Pet Cemetery

Yesterday, on my commute home, I heard on NPR that is was the 40th anniversary of the St. Louis Arch. This was kind of exciting for me, because I really like the Arch. It's probably my favorite thing about this city - it's majestic and always sends shivers up my spine when I see it rising above the skyline. So, I hear the story on NPR, and I wonder why I didn't find out about this from the local news... and then it hits me: I actively avoid the local news. Because I think it's drivel. But I thought, in the spirit of ... something ... my link to the story on the arch should be from local St. Louis news. But all they had was this (I officially have "No Comment" about what one gives a national landmark on the occasion of it's 40th birthday). So I'm back to my "local news is drivel" thesis.

After work I had 2 parties to attend - I felt so popular. The first was the law school infused party with ghost shaped jello shots. There can be nothing wrong with that. The hostess was wearing a slip covered with the word "freud." She was a freudian slip! I really thought that was clever...

Then, on to the 2nd party - the one with cheesy horror films and a trip to the pet cemetery. My coworker E-Liz was hosting it, and JD1.0 supplied the films. The group of us settle in with party snacks and "hot sugary wine" to watch Chopping Mall. Now, I had never heard of this film before, but approximately 20 minutes into the movie I could have told you who was going to live and who was going to die. We all clapped when the porn star like girl's head exploded, we all waited for Susie to die after she forced the girls out of the ventilation system. We noticed a disturbing lack of pulse checking of the supposedly dead by survivors, though. Apparently, in Chopping Mall, if you fall, you're a goner. Too bad for you.

After Chopping Mall we headed to the Pet Cemetery. We park at the IHOP, walk through the Batteries Plus parking lot, and into the pet cemetery. We're greated by this sign:

But we decide that we ARE on official cemetery business, so we're allowed. The cemetery was very old, and full of graves from the 1930s. Our favorite was the cat named Monkey, from 1938. I am a huge fan of naming pets after other animals.

Now, that gravestone wasn't very elaborate. Don't be fooled. This is a fancy-schmancy upscale pet cemetery. Observe:

And Court and J-Wat wanted their picture taken with the dog statues. And they wanted it posted on the blog.

Don't say I'm not acommedating!!

Then we headed back to E-Liz's to watch The Fog. And I screamed at Jamie Lee Curtis the entire movie. Because she was a dirty hitchhiking whore.


Kat said...

I love the pet headstones! And how is it that I have never heard of Chopping Mall??? Did you rent it from your local Blockbuster or is it some obscure cult film you'd have to get on eBay?

JD 1.0 said...

I want a T-shirt with a picture of Jamie Lee Curtis and the words "Dirty Hitchhiking Whore" on it.

Marcia said...

I think you can get it at your local blockbuster (or at least your local NetFlix). But you'd have to ask JD1.0

NDLunchbox said...

Ok, I'm always (ok, not so much always as twice) getting IMs complaining that I post comments on other blogs, but never this one. So here is my contribution, a little story from work (I am an Insurance Agent, which Katie has deemed the most evil thing since Lady Macbeth).

“Liberty Mutual Tales of Innovation – Safeguarding the construction of a monumental monument”

Building a landmark as impressive as the 630-foot-high curving St. Louis Arch required equally impressive loss-prevention tactics. When it was built in 1965, the St. Louis Arch was America’s tallest monument and the world’s second tallest, surpassed only by the Eiffel Tower.

Although the building’s design was simple, its execution was complex. A deviation of even 1/64th of an inch in stacking the 50-ton, pie-shaped arch sections, for example, would have made it impossible for the two sides to come together at the top. To minimize the risk of accidents during construction, Liberty Mutual recommended several unique ideas, including special man-hoist cages, an emergency signal system for controlling hoisting operations and triangular safety nets beneath the interior scaffolding.

Liberty Mutual’s creativity paid off when the job was completed without a single fatality. And in fact, the most serious injury on the entire project occurred at the ribbon-cutting ceremony, when a man fell off a low platform and broke his leg.

e-liz said...

Is it weird that I really like going to the pet cemetery?

Jen said...

No only is Jamie Lee Curtis a "dirty hitchhiking whore" you know what else she is? that's right...a man

Anonymous said...

I want that t-shirt too. That's hysterical.