Sunday, November 13, 2005

Best of the Week

The biggest news of the week is still that my coccyx hurts like a (insert profanity here). And it's embarrassing to tell people about - and I've told the entire blogosphere. Which is cool. But I'm betting that the only thing more embarrassing would be... peeing the bed when you're an adult? But I don't know anyone who would do that.

Most fun work distraction: The eggs. But I would suggest not watching this is you have small children - it'll drive you nuts. I love them, I want them to come and hang out with me. I can't decide if my favorite is the one that's in a bear outfit or the one that's a flower. What's your opinion? *Note: while it is a fun work distraction, it does have sound and, if your boss walks up behind you, there's no way you can pretend that it's work related. I'm sorry. Edit: This post looked boring, so I added the eggs picture!

Housewife (not really... I do have a full time job) secret of the week: I've discovered that I dislike doing dishes so much that I will drink anything out of the bottle to avoid dirtying a cup. ANYTHING. Test me - I bet whatever you're thinking, I've drunk out of a bottle. I was drinking out of a bottle as I wrote this! (I'm not telling what I'm drinking... ok, wait. Send me an email and I'll tell you.)

Hair crisis of the week: About the bangs: I like them but - there aren't that many of them. I kind of wish I'd made her cut more. It's really like a short layer, and by short, I mean almost lip length. It's almost just my little widow's peak cut short - and face framing layers to match.

Best (not to be confused with Biggest) news of the week: My sister got a "High Pass" on her Internal Medicine rotation. This means that in 5.5 years, you should use her as your doctor. But even better news for her, her neighbors were going to get rid of hide-a-bed couch, so she got it for free! :) Now don't you really want her as your doctor? Also, this weekend she helped deliver 6 babies: 3 girls, 3 boys, 2 natural, 4 c-section, and 1 circumcision. And none were named after her. So sad.

Wedding season event of the week: My cousin Lyn got married to Greg in North Carolina yesterday. Hell yeah to the maid of honor wearing jeans, the groom singing a love song he wrote to the bride at the wedding, and a boot stomping, beer drinking fun time! I WISH I could have been there.

Best drink of the week: Tiramisu Martini, Extra Creamy at the Drunken Fish. Good drinks, kinda mediocre sushi, but I was there for the drinks, so that didn't matter! The birthday girls, Justine and Brandi, suggested it to me. Edit: Again, the post looked boring, so I added another picture!


librarian pirate said...

tiramisu martini? sounds so good! I have a recipe for a chai martini that sounds great.

the eggs are distracting and fun

and yes, I want her to be my doctor.

Liz said...

Personally I'm more partial to the eggs dressed as hula girls. Glad you like them!

bubbles said...

the eggs looks so cool and fun, where to get them?