Monday, November 21, 2005

I like it!

Sprite and Tequila remind me of Cicely and her dad.

It's a good night.


The Bill's Special said...

I knew it!!!

Marcia said...

Haha! Knew what??

The Bill's Special said...

"Hey, whatcha drinkin?"

"Oh, just some 7-up fruit passion"

"What's that glass over there?"

You are so funny!

Marcia said...


Well, the one that I was drinking was only soda... and the one in the other glass was from before the tequila...

ara said...

...of course, you do realize that cicely and her daddy drink their tequila with squirt, right?

only some sort of gringo crazy woman would use sprite.

heh. i just called you a gringo.