Sunday, November 06, 2005

My weekend was fabulously fun. While I did miss the Rocky Horror midnight show at the theatre with all my friends and Deirdre's birthday party, I finally got to see Charlie Weis kick some ass in Notre Dame Stadium.

First, the bad news - when we were leaving Corby's Friday night, I sat down hard in Cliff's truck on the seatbelt and.... broke my tailbone. My coccyx. I think. If it ain't broken, I don't know what the hell is wrong with it. My husband's getting a little tired of my complaining that my butt hurts - you should have seen me try and get out of the car after driving for 6 hours - I looked like an old lady!

But, no one cares about that. Back to the fun stuff. We hit up a bunch of tailgates before the game - my cousins', my grandfather's, my great aunt's, my friend the Private's.... Lots of grilled meat, 7-layer dip, beer, and craziness.

I started seeing people with shirts that said, "We Is ND" (instead of "We are ND" which is one of our oldest cheers) and I was confused - until someone pointed out that it was "Weis ND", for the new coach. My second favorite new shirt that the students were wearing on the front said, "New Coach, New Pope, New Era" and the back had a "Buddy Christ" style picture and says, "Same Old Jesus." But my very very favorite shirt I saw said, on the front, "Mmmmmm.... Samardzija". On the back: "Three reasons to love The Shark: 1. Nice hair 2. Good hands 3. Sweet ass!" Because... I love Jeff Samardzija. Even though I don't really know how to say his name.

The game was awesome - I wish we hadn't sucked so much in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, but ended up beating Tennessee 41-21, so I'm not going to complain too much. The band formed an ND for the team to run through when they came out of the tunnel, which was new.

After the game, more tailgating, then off to the new Notre Dame bar, Legends. Apparently, my lifetime membership at Legend's predecessor, Senior Bar, is no longer valid. But once we got in, we really enjoyed the Irish-style beers that they served:

And then we enjoyed more Irish beer:

Usually when there are that many Solo cups scattered on a table, people have been playing cups. No such luck (if we were playing cups, I would have been the winner, because I am officially the Queen of Cups!). It's just that the new Legends Bar on Notre Dame's campus doesn't like real cups. I don't know why. But, it was fabulous.


Pookie said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I've never been to ND but it looks like a beautiful campus.

Kat said...

Ohhh, poor Marcia :-(. That sounds so painful. I recommend you take the rest of the day off and go to the doctor.

Jen said...

Who do i see about getting my money back for my lifetime membership at senior bar?

brian said...

Reason #128 Marcia and Sco should have ended up together instead of her and Bunda:

Marcia professes to be the queen of cups.

Sco is the KING of them.

Don't worry I won't tell matt that our bond is so deep we're even good at the same drinking games.

Elizabeth said...

I want that shirt about Shark... I have a crush on him.