Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I'm not going to lie to you - there's not much that's good about bruising your coccyx. In fact, there's only 2 things:

1. The word coccyx. Fun to both say and spell.
2. Complaining. I really enjoy complaining.

That said, I'm going to do my damndest not complain to all y'all about it. I like you. I have coworkers and husbands and future doctor sisters to whom I can complain (I apologise to my readers who happen to also be my coworkers/husbands/future-doctor-sisters. You're getting an earful of complaining when you next see me.). The readers I generally try to entertain.

And with that, the entertaining begins:

(SHIT! Can't think of anything entertaining - the butt hurts too much! I'll take the lead from TV and do a clips show!)

I was going to link to the 3AM girls (for Jane!), but they're boring today, so instead you get Britain's version of celebrity news. Apparently they're very into their ballroom dancing...

Make me happy and go berate The Situation Has Deteriorated for not updating his blog for way too long. I want more rants and less silence!

Further proof that Madonna's lost her mind.

I've just discovered this blog. I'm kind of obsessed with it. I'm not going to lie to you. Check it out.

And with those four gems, my sorry ass and I are going to bed. Leave sympathy in the comments!


markus said...

for real... madonna looks like the court jester there!

big c said...

i may or may not have broken my tailbone while playing soccer (a.k.a. falling on my ass) my freshman year of high school. and i may or may not have had to carry around and use a donut-shaped, red velvet pillow (truth: a hemroid pillow) that someone may or may not have given to my dad as a gag gift for his 50th birthday. and i may or may not have already been nerdy enough to really not need to be that freshman girl with the hemroid pillow. sigh. (feelin' your pain. you get ice cream.)

Marcia said...

sweetie! I don't need ice cream! I need morphine! (but ice cream sounds good, too...)

Kiki said...

Just as broke face is fun to say, so is coccyx. I hope you feel better soon!

juliedooley said...

I do believe Madonna's daughter is finally getting to the age where she's figuring out "Wow, my mom is f-d up"--do you think she's found the Sex book yet???

On another note, after hearing how good her album is, I might actually go drop some dollars on it, which is a big deal for me.

Hey, and just to show you how NOT ready to have kids I am (that sounds like Yoda), I always thought those baby Boppy things were actually hemorrhoid pillows (I read the comment below). I thought it was weird that an acquaintance put one on her baby registry until I found out that's not the same thing. Whatever. Babies, hemorrhoids.

Kat said...

I personally think Madonna looks fabulous. Of course, my next post to my blog is going to be about how I've jumped on the formal shorts bandwagon...